Caprivi strook soek onafhanklikheid

Heelwat swart minderhede in Afrika verlang Selfbeskikking om deur hul eie leiers regeer te word.   Die inwoners van die Caprivi wil ook hul selfbeskikking opeis na byna twintig jaar sedert 2 Augustus 1999, en dit gaan ook gepaard as gevolg van geweld van een swart meerderheidsvolk teenoor ‘n ander minderheidsvolk.   Dieselfde patroon was aanwesig in Suid-Sudan se onafhanklikheid, waar minderhede onderdruk en uitgewis is.  Menseregte wat geskend word.    SWAPO wat regeer,  het hul eie wreedheid op die Caprivian-volk gemanifesteer.    Heelwat leiers van die Caprivi word  gevange gehou omdat hulle net hul reg tot selfbeskikking wil verkry en opeis vir hul eie volksoorlewing.  Niks daarmee verkeerd dat daar ook aan die volk se roepstem gegee word nie.    Caprivians was ontevrede oor wat die regering van Namibië doen en die vrese bestaan dat hulle ander leiers doodgeskiet sal word as hul gevind word.  Verskeie ander redes word gevoer soos die uitwissing van die natuur en wildediere.   Support the independence of the Caprivi strip and stop the violation of human rights.  People do have rights to rule themselves.  Self-determination is an international right.

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New Year Message 1st January 2019


Nearly twenty years since the memorable scene of 2 August 1999 in the continuation landmark history of the Caprivian people in their quest for freedom. The evil and worst of all colonization and dehumanizing is that of black against black. SWAPO led Government continues to manifest its cruelty on the Caprivian people, after annexing Caprivi to Namibia by force, Caprivians are imprisoned for simply demanding their rights, picketing Caprivians who are dissatisfied of what Namibia is doing are in danger of an order to shoot and kill when they are found.

Despite the length of time, threats, torture, intimidation, harassment and divide and rule tactics; in all such we should never lose hope, such are devices of the enemy so that we get deflated, lose direction or turn against ourselves in order to defeat our own mission and purpose of independence, we need to defy and denounce such false destructors.

All the Caprivians in the Caprivi Strip to support this and fight for the freedom and independence of their own area and country that is occupied illegally by Namibia.   All that is part of the people, to get involved in the struggle for independence, there should be no spectators because Caprivi is for all of us and we are all affected including those who surrendered to be slaves to SWAPO regime.

It is only through clear understanding that the Caprivians in Botswana know what they desperately want, and desire to have, no matter the cost; they would have all surrendered to their oppressors. The Struggle for independence is always bitter, but achievement at last comes through hardworking, determination, courage and sacrifice.
Like in the past, I would like to encourage fellow Caprivians in Botswana since 1998 that perseverance and patience are doppelganger or mirror image words; there should be NO regrets what so ever in our pursuit for freedom, the only regrets is for those we lost or eventually lose their lives before we attain our freedom. The road to independence is the same that we are walking; it has all the thistles, meandering, bumpy and upheavals; let us belt -up and fathom as we journey, for the light is brighter at the end of the tunnel.

Today Botswana emulates a system of Government that loves materials more than human life, people becomes secondary to money; they would exchange human life with materials or money and preach human trafficking as a monstrous evil that reduces humanity.   Namibia is guilty of the same crime with regard to the destruction of natural resources in the Caprivi on the expense of the Caprivian people.

It is an abuse of power and heinous evil for the strong to hold the weak both hands and legs and invite the enemy to do as he wish; even Satan was restrained by God when given permission to hold unto Job, he was told not to touch his soul.   Caprivians happens to be in precarious situation in the hands of the Government of President Dr Masisi, local and international human rights organizations, Amnesty international including the United Nations has observed.

Botswana Government is becoming a collapse to a long principled system because of the stance taken to close the eye on the truth they know about Caprivi and to disregard BOTHO the foundation of their democracy they cherished since ever.    It is an undisputed fact that Botswana holds the true history of the Caprivian people, Caprivi Strip is not part of Namibia since ever, it was in 1999 when Caprivians were already in Botswana that the Namibian Government work up from slumber, that they came up with an illegal or dubious Act of parliament, Act 10 of 1999 to annex Caprivi to Namibia without consulting the inhabitants of that Country.   That is why SWAPO Government is shy to engage Caprivians in an open and free discussion about the Caprivi political situation.

Botswana must be conscious bound as to how they treat Caprivians, despite the promises and lies told by Namibia. It is true that you can choose a friend but you hardly choose a neighbor. Whatever, the high or vast mountain placed on the way to block Caprivians to attain their independence, shall be done in vain.

An appeal was made again, to the people through their leaders to think and think again their actions towards the Caprivi Strip and the people of the Caprivi; when Khama was weak, then he asked help from Caprivians under the leadership of IMATAA KABAENDE MUYONGO , help was given without hesitation.   In anotherway, the IMATAAS great grand Children are asking for help in form of shelter and dialogue; they fled from merciless intruders who invaded their land, what Botswana does is to take back Caprivians by force in the hands of their enemies; this is treachery and inhuman both under earth and heaven. Caprivians paid tax to this land together as one people from 1921 to 1929.Namibia has nothing in common with the Caprivi Strip and people.

It is sad for the Caprivians today to be chased like dogs in the land that they defended from enemies. Caprivians are human beings like any created in the image of God; therefore they deserve good not bad.   In conclusion it was said, Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful, the full soul loathed a honeycomb; but to the hungry soul every bitter thing is sweet.   Choices are made from plenty, in the absence of profusion you make no choice, we have our Caprivi Strip, we do not have any other Country. So we must guard jealously our natural resources. The burgeoning discovery of variety of underground precious natural resources in the Caprivi Strip is an eye opener to those who didn’t believe that Caprivi is a paradise of variety of natural resources.   Namibian regime is just there in the Caprivi to jealously plunder and rob Caprivians, there is no reason that can justify their illegal occupation.

Caprivians from all walks of life let us begin the year with endearing hopes for free Caprivi. Together, we are more than conquerors, Namibians are liars, and they are exposed to the world.

Forward Ever Backward Never

Mishake Muyongo
United Democratic Party (UDP)
Source: United Democratic Party ( UDP)


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