South Africa: JUSTICE Dubbeluitsprake

Daar is ‘n groot onderskeid in uitsprake van verskeie regters, wat sake aanhoor van  Blankes en Swartes wat in howe opeindig.  Dan kry leiers soos Malema nooit vervolging oor blankes wat hy wil laat vermoor –
Is this FAIR?  The significant increase in farm attacks and murders since 1994.   In June it was reported:  “The national murder figure of about 53 people per day is unacceptable for us as an organisation as well as for our members. During May alone, there were 46 attacks and 7 murders on farms. June is barely 3 days old and already 5 attacks and 1 murder have been carried out on farms and smallholdings. This excludes towns and cities,” Geldenhuys said.

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The agonising question of when the government, SAPS, and NPA will take concrete action to halt the undeclared war that is being waged on South Africa’s farmers, remains unanswered. Daily statements that farmers – who produce food for all inhabitants of South Africa – have stolen their land, are made from political platforms.    The President, the entire cabinet and especially the Minister of Police remain silent about the attacks and murders that escalate daily. Is it possible that their deafening silence, in fact, condones this unacceptable situation?

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