Ramaphosa Wings of Corruption

"Where are the "Big Brothers" since 1994?  Those mentioned are only 5, what about Japan, Canada, Australia, NZ,  China, Russia, France and all the other 200 countries?   Those 5 countries must know, we are already a FAILED COUNTRY!!!  And why do they also support B-BBEE, land expropriation and reform,  that is racism against the white… Continue reading Ramaphosa Wings of Corruption


Grond en mag China-US-Rusland – Afrika

Soek China regtig die hele Afrika as hulle reeds baie begin ingepalm het vir "slegte skuld" -  dit wil so voorkom, maar dalk 'n ander slang in die gras.  Verseker benodig China meer grond vir sy behoeftes aan soja, want 'n land met so baie inwoners ekstra grond en MAG - die minerale is sommer… Continue reading Grond en mag China-US-Rusland – Afrika