Somalia gains independence from Britain on 7 January 1960. Somaliland has its own green, white and red flag. Somalilanders take great pride in presenting giant versions of this flag to visiting diplomats who sometimes blush as it is unfurled in front of them because it puts them in a somewhat difficult position regarding the territory's… Continue reading Somalia


Somalia and Kenya

Somalia on Sunday rejected accusations by Kenya that it had auctioned off oil and gas blocks in a disputed maritime area.   Nairobi on Saturday recalled its ambassador from Mogadishu for "urgent consultations" over the maritime border dispute that involves lucrative offshore oil and gas deposits.   Kenya said it had acted because of an "egregious decision… Continue reading Somalia and Kenya

Somalia and Kenya conflict/dispute

  Kenya should learn from Somalia the meaning of national pride. Kenya and Somalia *** Disputes 2014 Oil & Gas: An Equidistant Line Could Settle Somalia-Kenya Maritime Dispute According to the AFP, Somalia argued that the maritime border should extend Southeast, in an area equidistant between the two states, while Kenya believes the line delineating water… Continue reading Somalia and Kenya conflict/dispute

Kenya and Somalia

Nairobi is blaming external players with interests in oil, gas and fishing for the ongoing diplomatic row over the maritime border. Diplomacy analysts reckon that Somalia’s decision to exhibit seismic data of oil blocks to potential buyers in London on February 7 was sponsored by those who are keen to exploit the resources off the… Continue reading Kenya and Somalia