Goldman Sachs – Malaysia

  Goldman Sachs and two former bankers have been hit with criminal charges by Malaysian authorities over the 1MDB corruption scandal.   The country’s attorney general, Tommy Thomas, said Goldman subsidiaries and ex-bankers Tim Leissner and Roger Ng Chong Hwa are accused of helping to misappropriate $2.7bn, bribing officials and giving false statements when helping to… Continue reading Goldman Sachs – Malaysia

Goldman Sachs – Ramaphosa – IFC

  The news that the global giant Goldman Sachs has obtained a banking license in SA is bad for the transformation of the banking sector. Colin Coleman has recently resigned as Sub Sahara African CEO of Goldman Sachs. He was a front man in the CR17 campaign and one of the financial contributors to the… Continue reading Goldman Sachs – Ramaphosa – IFC

Goldman Sachs – Mandela

  Goldman Sachs acts as a financial intermediary between the entities that need to raise money and the entities that have money to invest. The entities can be corporations, financial institutions, investment funds, governments, and high net-worth (HNI) individuals.   In addition, Goldman Sachs also provides financial advisory to these entities.  The financial advisory services include mergers… Continue reading Goldman Sachs – Mandela

Kilt NGO – Gill Marcus – PIC commission – Steinhoff and others – Afrikaans

Is education not only a government function (if you believe LESUFI)?    But who and what is Kilt and their purpose or Gill Marcus involvement?   Why only in Knysna, what about all the other cities and towns in South Africa that need the same opportunities?   Why do Lesufi then want the planned "Afrikaans university" for… Continue reading Kilt NGO – Gill Marcus – PIC commission – Steinhoff and others – Afrikaans