Eskom – corruption (sabotage)


(Still under investigation)  This is sabotage and terrorism, because it is public’s money.   Investigation is ongoing for years – and we have loadshedding for years – who must pay us back because of this corruption and sabotage?   Every day there were other excuses.  Do not think that is the only sabotage and corruption in those whole project since day one.   A major operation from SAPS has lead to the arrest of ‘multiple’ Eskom managers  at the Kusile plant.  The South African Police Service (SAPS) have revealed that a number of executives at Eskom have been arrested on charges of fraud and corruption. Their crimes, according to law enforcement, relate to matters at the Kusile Power Station: The value of the dodgy deals is estimated to be worth R745-million.

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So gaan dit al vir jare aan, waar ons as publiek nie net “gemanipuleer” met tariefverhogings nie, met die rustigheid van diefstal en die groot koppe en bestuur kom weg daarmee.   Dis ‘n ernstige misdaad !


Die vraag is, gaan hierdie groot koppe en bestuur vervolg word soos enige burger wat oortree of gaan hul erens ‘n bevordering kry in die ANC range of dalk ‘n minister word?    Gaan dit wat Eskom van ons gesteel het weens die korrupsie en sabotasie, aan die verbruikers terugbetaal?

Hierdie is erger sabotasie misdaad, en nie gewone misdaad nie, aangesien daar baie skade opgedoen is vir jare aan die hele sisteem deur terroriste wat dit met opset beskadig het.  Iemand wat steel met sulke groot projekte, doen die dade met opset.   Nie net van Eskom nie, maar ook van die publiek, met tariefverhogings, moes ons, die gebruikers opdok.  Besighede het verloor.   Gebruikers moes weens die beurtkrag hul toerusting vervang en sodoende is daar verhogings in premies.   Ekstra moes begroot word vir die misdaad wat toegeneem het.   Dus, is dit nie net ‘n ligtelike sabotasie nie.

Die publiek, wat alle besighede insluit, word in die grond in bestuur met wanbestuur, diefstal en korrupsie wat onder die mat ingevee word.   Wat word van die geld wat gesteel word, hierdie geld moet teruggeplaas word waar dit hoort en waarvoor dit aanvanklik bedoel was.   En dit geld vir alle tipe korrupsie en misdaad.  Ook vir ander SOE’s.

Hoe kan die huidige regering, wat nie een SOE of selfs die staatsdepartemente sonder korrupsie bestuur nie en net normaal laat funksioneer nie?   Waarvoor word hulle sulke groot salarisse betaal om sabotasie en terreur toe te laat om alles te vernietig?     En nou wil dieselfde ministers die sterretjie voor die kop kry om die “saak op te los” wat hulle vernietig het.


The shock revelation was shared during the week, but SAPS were scarce on the details. Until the suspects in question are formally charged and processed.   Police will hold back on naming the officials. As soon as we have that information, we’ll publish it. Our enquiries to Hawks spokesperson Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi haven’t yet garnered a response.

The national branch of SAPS issued a very brief statement earlier in the day. They would only reveal the charges that were being faced, and the cost of the alleged corruption, but multiple suspects have been snared:

“Former Eskom senior managers have been arrested, for charges relating to alleged fraud and corruption worth R745-million at Kusile Power Station. Please note that more details will follow during the course of the day.”

SAPS statement

SA Police Service


Breaking News: Former ESKOM Senior managers arrested for R745 million Kusile power station alleged fraud and corruption. Media Enquiries: Brigadier Mulaudzi. ME

Corruption at Kusile Power Plant

The Kusile plant has been blighted by shoddy engineering and the ripple effects of corruption: Money meant to get the plant up and running smoothly ended up in the back pockets of crooks, rather than the bank accounts of construction teams. The facility was slapped with a R36-billion repair bill in May.

The bill itself consists of “unforeseen costs” that weren’t originally mapped out in the contractor’s plans. Kusile has been a nightmare for the entire Eskom grid, despite it being one of the most modern units in operation. Much like its sister unit Medupi, both of the new builds have been problematic for South Africa.

Despite a vulnerable and unpredictable electricity supply on Thursday, Eskom aren’t expecting any load shedding this week. This is the fifth consecutive day of no disruptions, after we started the month of December with a crippling round of blackouts.


2019 – Medupi, Kusile power stations badly designed – foreign help to sort out Eskom mess


The government has conceded that the two multibillion-rand new power stations – Medupi and Kusile – were badly designed and constructed and this was at the heart of the current Eskom crisis.

The admission was made by public enterprises minister Pravin Gordhan in parliament yesterday. Gordhan said Eskom is facing problems of a structural, operational and financial nature.

“Fundamentally, the first point that we need to tell the public is that Medupi and Kusile were badly designed and badly constructed and are not performing at optimum levels,” Gordhan said.

“We are addressing these issues. I have met with the board yesterday, I’ve had various interactions today. We are beginning to understand where the problems are in some of the very old power stations.”

He said the government had also “taken a new initiative where the board and myself have agreed that we are going to bring in external power station engineers, have an independent audit done on what is exactly going on so that we put Eskom back on track”.



Last year, a report by the office of central procurement showed that Eskom was set to overspend a further R52.2bn more on its Medupi and Kusile power stations.

The report showed that the power utility overspent at least R103.3bn at its Medupi project in Limpopo for the financial year ended March 31 2017, from R93.9bn in March 2016. The project’s budget was initially pegged at R145bn.

On the other hand, the cumulative cost on the Kusile project in Mpumalanga was R112.4bn in 2017, compared to R95.1bn in March 2016.

The report, submitted to parliament’s standing committee on appropriations, said Kusile would overspend by R26.2bn, while Medupi would overspend by R26bn.

Parliamentarians took turns yesterday to blame the electricity crisis on the ANC.

What was meant to be a debate on President Cyril Ramaphosa’s State of the Nation Address became a serious interrogation of government efforts in turning around the power utility.



DA leader Mmusi Maimane blamed Ramaphosa for the failings at Eskom. “You have been watching this space as Eskom collapsed . while you talk of tinkering with Eskom to keep the lights on, we do.

“Where the DA governs we are way ahead of the rest of the country in terms of renewable energy readiness,” he said.

On Monday, Eskom shocked the nation when it announced stage 4 load-shedding after six further units went down, forcing the system to require 4,000 megawatts of relief.

As the day begun yesterday, Eskom said it would continue with its load-shedding but reduced it from stage 4 to 3. “Despite generating units returning to service as planned, the emergency reserves [diesel and water] are still very low,” the power utility said.


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