Die berge – Retiefklip

Drakensberg – lyk voorwaar soos kollosale reuse standbeelde wat gegiet is in die klip.

Another site you will want to add to your list of sites to see is the location where Piet Retief’s’ followers camped while their leader went to Zululand to parlay with the Zulu Chief Dingaan for land. The Site is named Kerkenberg because the Voortrekker’s priest, Erasmus Smit, deemed the cluster of rocks at its base was worthy of a church. The views from Kerkenberg are unforgettable and one is able to look Eastward over Colenso into Northern Kwa-Zulu Natal, see the Malutis in the South East, look towards the North to see the Eastern Freestate and visit Retief’s Klip too.

Image result for The barefoot woman voortrekker

Is this possibly Old ancient cities perhaps, statues – or huge mining areas?

Related image

Ancient Rock dwellings – Sehlabathebe

Sehlabathebe - Ancient Rock Dwellings


Sehlabathebe –  Ancient Rock Dwellings

“mining perhaps”

Sehlabathebe - Ancient Rock Dwellings


Sehlabathebe – Rock Arch

Sehlabathebe - Rock Arch


a “statue or two”

En Route to Bezuidenhouts Pass

Matebeng pass

Near Matebeng Pass

Cliff Shelters

Related image

Drakensberg Foothills


Sani Pass

Sani Pass


One of the Many Waterfalls

Sehlabathebe - Tsoelikane Falls

Three Bushmen – Sehlabathebe

Three Bushmen - Sehlabathebe

Boesman tekeninge – Sehlabathebe 

Sehlabathebe - Bushmen Paintings


Continental drift – Gondwana – Alfred Wegener (Germany)

Tara Valley and canyon

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