Mount Everest

The movement of tectonic plates can lift it up ever so gradually, while earthquakes can bring it down.   The world's tallest mountain added a few centimetres to its official height on Tuesday. Mount Everest added 0.86 metre to its height. It is now 8,848.86 metres in height.    Were you aware that Mount Everest keeps changing its height ?… Continue reading Mount Everest

Die berge – Retiefklip

Drakensberg - lyk voorwaar soos kollosale reuse standbeelde wat gegiet is in die klip. Another site you will want to add to your list of sites to see is the location where Piet Retief’s’ followers camped while their leader went to Zululand to parlay with the Zulu Chief Dingaan for land. The Site is named Kerkenberg because the Voortrekker’s… Continue reading Die berge – Retiefklip