Ramaphosa – Captured in advance! – Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng

Was Ramaphosa captured in advance?    Same people behind it as with the Guptas and Zuma?   What about all the corruption since 1994, Soe’s :  Eskom, SABC, SAA, Denel, and others?   Corruption is just ongoing.   MANDELA unfortunately signed the first BEE legislation in 1997, Ramaphosa started the “commission” to investigate the BEE against the White – and that is RACISM and discrimination.   WHO get the money/corruption from BEE and B-BBEE legislations?   elites?  Who and WHEN was the ARMS deals started, just after 1994 – no I REST my case with the so-called democracy.  We do not have a democracy – read the communist manifesto of the ANC.

Image result for ramaphosa sacp captured



Government for the people by the people?  Or is this payback time?
AdvovoWabantu   Cyril Ramaphosa was captured in advance. #CR17 #RamaphosaLeaks




The funny thing about this #RamaphosaLeaks is that not even one person has laid criminal charges or brought impeachment proceedings against Ramaphosa because they know deep down that there is absolutely nothing wrong he did.



By the way, you are not the only journalist who was on the CR17 pay roll. There is dozens of others, whose names are known to us, who were paid through front communications companies or dodgy entities owned by third parties that handled them. #RamaphosaLeaks

CR17 donations to Ramaphosa – Oliver Meth

** **

Zondo – Hogan – Zuma – State capture

Zondo – Barbara Hogan – Gordhan – Zuma – Guptas

David Mahlobo, Ace Magashule en Jacob Zuma

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