CR17 donations to Ramaphosa – Oliver Meth

 Journalist Oliver Meth is a media strategist and journalist, which has confirmed via social media (twitter) his receipt of payments from the CR17 campaign which resulted in President Cyril Ramaphosa’s ascent to the ANC presidency.     Various other names were mentioned.


Is those names the same liberal crowd of “Dakar” and FW de Klerk foundation who supported the so-called 1992 referendum – there was no mandate to give the land over to communists – liberals are dreaming on their own islands if they think there was a mandate.

They wanted to put the whole country in chaos and a mess, that was why they also started black economic empowerment in Dakar to fund the elites and to kill the white majority.

With the assistance of George Soros and his “open society foundation SA”, some or most liberal media journalists today, form a media house(s) base for the liberals and communist government, but specific liberal and communist George Soros and their own hidden agendae.    All “controlled” and “financed” by them.    Media houses have their links to the Afrikaner Bond members as well.

Soros is funding Parliament, Constitution, B-BBEE, legislations, Codesa and Idasa (Dakar-missions), together with other liberal think tanks. 


“I’d like to place on record, that I worked as a media consultant on the campaign and was paid for services rendered, as a freelancer,” Meth wrote.   He added that he cannot say more due to having signed a non-disclosure agreement and will not be doing any interviews.

Oliver Meth@oliver_meth

I’ve been receiving a number of calls from Journalist colleagues about the leaked #CR17BankStatements which reflect payments made to me. I’d like to place on record, that I worked as a media consultant on the campaign and was paid for services rendered, as a freelancer.

Oliver Meth@oliver_meth

I can not share further about the campaign operations, as I had signed a non-disclosure agreement. I will not be doing any interviews! #CR17BankStatements

Meth has written for SA publications including Daily Maverick and Daily Vox. In his biography on the publication, he is transparent about having been a “communications consultant” on the CR17 campaign.

He was previously a spokesperson for Greenpeace Africa.

Meth’s tweets on the matter are currently being widely circulated on social media, with Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema among those sharing it.   Leaked emails from the CR17 campaign were first mentioned by News24 in a story which included names of potential donors, appeared to show the involvement of Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan in the campaign, and seemed to show that Ramaphosa’s claim that he was not involved in the running of the campaign or aware of its donors was at least partially untrue.

Then, in a Sunday Independent article titled “How the CR17 campaign funds were channelled”.

It was reported that the publication had seen the campaign’s bank records, as well as emails and financial statements which identified the beneficiaries of the “R1 billion” campaign fund, who according to the story were “politicians, campaign managers, and strategists” who “earned millions for their roles in Ramaphosa’s” successful CR17 campaign for the ANC presidency.


There are different liberal legs in South Africa.


The report alleged that some of Ramaphosa’s main funders were numerous wealthy business people, including mining magnate Nicky Oppenheimer, who reportedly gave R10 million; Pick n Pay founder Raymond Ackerman, who gave R1 million; and eNCA founder, director and owner of Hosken Consolidated Investments Johnny Copelyn, who donated an alleged R2 million on behalf of the news channel. Former Absa CEO Maria Ramos was another alleged donor.

The article was co-written by a trio that included Piet Rampedi and Mzilikazi wa Afrika – two of the journalists behind now-discredited Sunday Times reports on the so-called Sars “rogue unit”.

They both parted ways with the Sunday Times after these reports were retracted and apologised for when the media ombudsman found them to be “inaccurate, misleading, and unfair”.


A question was raised:

Is a journalist not suppose to declare any payments received?  especially since the Public Protector initiated a probe into the campaign funding.

Mr Putin   

Replying to
By the way, you are not the only journalist who was on the CR17 pay roll. There is dozens of others, whose names are known to us, who were paid through front communications companies or dodgy entities owned by third parties that handled them. #RamaphosaLeaks
Remember Marikana    @NsibandeXolani   
Replying to

We always maintained that there were paid Journalists to work as Ramaphosa Defence force. You are all a disgrace & must never practice as journalists.
Moloantwa Tleane   @MoloantwaM    Aug 18
@ZiphoKhumalo3   and   @oliver_meth
@CyrilRamaphosa  has caused enough damage already by selling the country during the CODESA and MULTI PARTY NEGOTIATION PROCESSES, he now occupies the number one office in the country so that he can finish off his mission, but he’s got another thing coming.

** ** ** ** **


Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation

Centre for Civil Society, University of KwaZulu-Natal

Oliver Meth is a photographer, writer, activist and the youngest member at the Centre. He joined the world of activism at a very young age, picketing outside the gates of polluting giants in South Durban, where he lives on the fenceline of one of the polluting industries in Wentworth – the Engen Oil Refinery, which the locals mockingly refer to as ‘the ship that never sails’, it borders Wentworth to the East, and a chain of Jacobs industries enclose the entire Western boundary. In terms of composition, Wentworth also includes the more affluent Treasure Beach, which is buffered from Wentworth proper by the Engen Refinery.

After taking up a course in journalism (specializing in photojournalism), he worked for South Africa’s oldest newspaper, Grocott’s Mail in Grahamstown before returning back to his home town in Durban, where he later took up a post at the local tabloid newspaper before joining the Centre for Civil Society.

Meth has published in numerous journals, newspapers, magazines and broadcast media. His latest publication, in which his photographic work can be seen, is titled Youth2Youth  :  30 Years after 1976, edited by George Hallet
(Published by Wits University Press).

Meth has been a photographer and research assistant in the Durban South Photography Project (DSPP), where he took part in community photographic workshops and exhibitions held in Wentworth, Merebank and Lamontville. The DSPP culminated in the exhibition in the Durban Art Gallery, Breathing Spaces: Environmental Portraits of Durban’s Industrial South, in 2007 and will tour Cape Town in 2009.,66,19,96

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