Lenasia South Home owners and citizens


With even relatives now reluctant to visit them, Lenasia South homeowners want to start a new somewhere else after being encircled by land invaders.   Khetija Reynders sits outside her three-bedroom house with two of her dogs baking in the winter sun. The kitchen and living areas of the house are dark. Some of the ceiling boards in the front part of the house are broken.   Reynders has been living in her house in Univille for more than 28 years. She first noticed shacks in the area around 2017. Now her house is surrounded by thousands of them.

The Univille house of Khetija Reynders is surrounded by thousands of shacks.


The dusty roads are lined with piles of rubbish and many residents are without electricity after being disconnected by the city due to payment arrears.    “They [land invaders] came to approach me back in 2017. A guy had a pile of documents with all the people who did not have title deeds. He showed me and told me that they are taking half of the land.

“They just came in and started building.”

“I spent all my life savings in this house. No government maintained my house. Now they [land invaders] build on our sewerage drains.”   Reynders says she is unable to fix her roof because of a lack of money.   “The government must pay us out so that we can move, because I am poorer by the day,” she said.

She recalled the “much happier moments” before land invaders took over.  “I had a shop and used to sell beers and help the community with funerals and feed the poor, but now I can’t do it anymore. I gave my shop to a Bangladeshi man.  “I am very scared and living in fear.”  A second resident, who asked not to be named for fear for being attacked, told TimesLIVE her house was surrounded by almost 500 shacks.

Khetija Reynders, a homeowner in Univille, Lenasia South, says she’s been living in fear since illegal houses were erected around her home two years ago. As a result, she’s had to cope with no electricity and is often without water.


“I have been living in this area for about 36 years and I am unhappy living here with all the land invasions.   “When I woke up one morning, I had a shock to see there were shacks around my yard. I am in the centre of everyone.   “Everything around us is just messed up. I am tired of living here, because I have family in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban, but no one comes to visit me anymore because of the land invasions.

“My own son is even scared to come visit me because he is scared of being hijacked. I have to go out to visit them, which is costing me from my own pocket.”   The woman said she was attacked and robbed in the area about four months ago. The robbers made off with her personal valuables.   Outside a grey painted house belonging to another resident, who asked not to be named for fear of reprisal, is a green mobile toilet. She has been living in the house for about 23 years.

“The land invaders started connecting to our electric poles, now we can’t even pump water anymore. I’ve got children who are attending schools and it is so difficult for them to do their school work because we are always in the dark.   “When I was busy in the house one morning, people were busy putting up shacks. In three or four days, half of the area was full of shacks. Every day they are putting up shacks here.   “I am hoping the government can help us get out of here.”

Local estate agent Paresh Bhika told TimesLIVE that the original value of houses in the area had dropped by 40%-60%.    “We lost three sales because people are now trying to sell their properties and people who are potential buyers are not buying in that area because of what is happening in the surrounding parts.   He said an average house in Lenasia South goes for R600,000-R700,000.   Bhika said many residents in the area are struggling to sell their homes.   “As soon as these squatter camps come up, the property values automatically decrease because people are not prepared to buy in the area.”



Residents in Lenasia South barricaded roads in the area with burning tyres on Tuesday morning in protest over what they claim is illegal land occupation.The EFF outlines why they will never listen to President Zuma and why they’re approaching the Constitutional Court to force Parliament to discipline him.

Daar is nou een ding wat niemand kan verstaan nie, hierdie ondersteuners van die regering, van die ANC weet hoe lieg die regering vir hulle en tog as daar verkiesings plaasvind, stem hulle herhaaldelik vir dieselfde armoede, dieselfde besettings en rewolusie – vir dieselfde politieke party en raadslede wat nie veel vir hulle doen, behalwe om te praat en niks drasties te doen aan die situasie nie.   Dit is nie demokrasie nie en dis ook nie hoe dit werk nie.

Daar word beslis deur sommiges gepoog om ‘n beter lewe te lei, soos die ouerige persoon, maar tog, maak die einste anc-eff-da rewolusie dit ook vir hierdie mense onmoontlik om beter te mag lewe.  Onregverdig – nee – kies en stem vir ‘n beter regering en raadslid in die toekoms.  Hierdie einste regering op alle vlakke van regering, mors en vernietig  menseregteskendings in die hele land om by hul eie profiele te pas, solank hulself beveilig is agter slot en grendel, kan die ander immigrante en vreemdelinge maak net wat hul wil.

Hierdie besettings en uitsettingsbevele kom al ‘n geruime tyd aan, en soos reeds genoem, was daar in 2019 gestem vir hul eie ondergang.   Dit word opgemerk,  besighede word ook aan buitelanders verkoop, wat waarskynlik onwettig is, verkoop nes wat HOP huise ook aan immigrante en onwettiges verkoop word.    Dis ook duidelik uit sulke voorvalle hoe lank bly die swart burgers in daardie gebiede en dan eenvoudig gestroop en platgeloop word deur vreemdelinge, immigrante wat ons hele land oorstroom – Soros se “open border policy”.

Daar is duisende sulke voorvalle, landwyd waar HOP (RDP) huise aan immigrante verskaf word, en dan gee die regering voor die blankes besit alles, maar hulle laat dit eerstens toe dat dit gebeur.  Alle foute en floppies van hul eie onvermoë om te regeer, word voor die deur van blankes en die sogenaamde apartheid geplaas.   En dan is dit blankes wat onregmatig behandel word met swart bemagtiging en beskuldigings oor diefstal van grond.   Wie dryf dan handel in die verkoop van hul eie besighede of HOP huise – die regering of iemand wat bakhand staan hiervoor.   Misdaad is veral erg waar al hierdie tipe onwettighede toegelaat word deur die huidige regering en hul politieke vennote.

George Soros – finansier heelwat in hierdie land se ondergang.


South Lenasia protests and “land grabs”

No to shacks and illegal invasions

SA: Land invasions – Grond besettings


19 April 2000

About 6 000 squatters who have illegally occupied land in the Lawley and Poortjie areas near Lenasia must vacate the area by May 11 or face eviction, the Johannesburg’s Southern Metropolitan Council said on Wednesday.

The council said in a statement that it and the Gauteng housing department had obtained a court order in March allowing them to move the squatters and had given the residents three months to vacate.   

Gauteng housing MEC Paul Mashatile, quoted in the statement, said: “Portions of the land occupied consist of dolomatic land formations. This land formation may result in sink-holes forming, thereby endangering the lives of those occupying it.”

The squatters were living at risk because they were not receiving essential services such water and electricity.   Mashatile urged residents of the settlement who earned less than R3 500 to register with the council for housing.


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