Schweizer Reneke Primary Sage

The Sage is on-going – it was also on TWITTER AND FACEBOOK
Was daar enige vooraf “beplannings” …………………

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13 hrs



On the 9th of January, a plan that was close as the actions of BELL POTTINGER, was set in motion allegedly. It was alegedly executed like a well-oiled machine.

In the beginning of the year, the father of the little boy, Mr. Modise, approached the school to request a school fee discount. This discount was no longer available, per Barkhuizen court documents.

When the Modise couple received the WhatsApp message, a reaction as devious as can be, reared its ugly head.

For this, the people you’re about to be introduced to, became the alleged puppet masters. These players, with the help of media who failed to fact check, set the school, a community, and a country on fire.

In the background, we have Mr Modise’s brother, doing his part on Twitter.

The first action took place on Facebook, before 11 am. This was the sharing of the now infamous photograph. Please note that according to Barkhuizen’s Court documents, she was only informed of the parent’s complaint at 11am.

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This info was delivered to her by the school principal.
Bear in mind that by then, the picture was already shared on Facebook.

From here Mr. Modise’s brother, Mr. O. Modise, took over on Twitter to share the photo on social media accompanying it with text that read that the child was his nephew who was abused by the fucking white racists.

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Mr O. Modise also reacted on a tweet as early as 11am, and he was from thereon tweeting the ‘incident’ to all of the media groups, asking them to run a story on how his nephew was racially abused on his first day at school.

Not once was there a mention of the 4th photographs’ existence.

Not by the Modise’s, or the media. Mr. O. Modise even identified his nephew in the photograph, showing no respect or regard for any of the other children in the photograph.
Not only was an innocent caring action used for self-gain, but at no time did the parents mention or indicate that they were well familiar with the school and it’s policies, given that they have another child enrolled there, an older child.
This meant they were familiar as well, with what to expect of the first day.
This information also failed to be offered by Mrs D. Mabote, the mother who was interviewed by Radio Jakranda.

Never did she inform that there was a 4th photo, that an older child was currently in school, or that they visited the school in the days prior to the incident, their being oriented on how the seating and the days planning would be introduced to the benefit of the children.

Not even when the school was stormed by the masses, political parties, an innocent teacher suspended, possible further suspensions in progress, the suspended teacher was named, shamed, and forced out of town. Even more importantly, let us not forget that 21 children’s safety was compromised, including the Modise’s own child, in this chaos, but yet…. they still did not come clean.
The educational department, together with these parents, have a lot to answer for.
North West’s education department postponed a media conference on Thursday morning at eleven hours where he would announce who was to be suspended for the racial riot over a photograph at Schweizer-Reneke Primary School in North West.
North West education department spokesperson Freddy Sepeng said early Thursday morning that the media conference that would take place in Mahikeng was “postponed indefinitely”.


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Wie is rassiste? Who are racists?


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