#Decolonisation 2019   #Dekolonialisasie

#Decolonisation2019  –   The two independent Boer republics were never colonialised, it was also annexed illegally by the British empire and the Anglo Boer wars – then the British took over the minerals and country, since 1902.  They ruled from London and with legislation, also the legislation for the Union of South Africa 1910.    Where and when exactly did the two ZAR and Freestate Boer republics’ citizens or their leaders “colonialised” ANY or tribes in South Africa?  Violation of all our human rights took place since 1994 – black economic empowerment, affirmative action, various legislations are in place against the white minority and to kill them.
#Dekolonialisasie2019 – Daar was twee onafhanklike Boere republieke, wat onwettig deur die Britse ryk geannekseer was.  Voor die Anglo Boere oorlog was daar verskeie onderhandelings en ooreenkomste in plek wat hierdie twee republieke onafhanklike status verkry het deur die internasionale wêreld.  Hierdie republieke het nie swart etniese volke gekolonialiseer nie.   Ons menseregte word al sedert 1994 geskend – swart bemagtiging, eiendomme wat onteien word is rassisties en daar word teen ons volk se taal,  Afrikaanse taal en identiteit gediskrimineer, word vernietig.




Who is Mzwanele Manyi again?    working for whom?
State Capture-Ramaphosa-Zuma-Manyi-Chinese-GUPTAS


AFTER 1994

South Africa is a country in the world where affirmative action is in the favor of the majority who has complete political control since 1994 (nearly 25 years)! The fact that they require it to protect them from a mere 7-9% minority is testament to our complete failure to succeed!      A failed country indeed – also to other minorities as well.

Malaysia has a similar policy of favoring ethnic Malays (majority and have political control) but the Chinese minority is not as small as the Saffer whiteys.


Anand Chetty ‘s opinion

I SPEAK ON BEHALF of a sizeable portion of South Africa who would once and for all like to know exactly which whites stole which pieces of land and from which blacks.

The message that goes out from the presumptious EFF and thus indirectly from the ANC is that all land was stolen from all blacks by all whites…

Not only does Julias Malema makes such false statements, but many others too who support him, so this is a serious issue which requires serious clarity. Let’s look at one small example.

In 1834 the king of the Pondos, King Faku, gave the land between the Mbashe and Mkomazi rivers to the Dutch settlers on the condition that they go and live there. He wanted them as a buffer between him and Dingane who constantly stole his cattle and tried to chase him off his land.

Another agreement was in February 1838, when Dingane himself signed a treaty allowing Piet Retief and his group of approximately 100 Voortrekkers to occupy the land between the Tegula River and Port St. John’s.. (a copy of this agreement can still be found today).

In 1825, when Shaka met the British for the first time, he allowed the British to take control of what was then called Port Natal, and, in return for this gesture, 2 British commanders, known as Fynn and Farewell, presented Shaka with beads, brass, blankets made of cloth, and other small inventions that could have very easily been brought over by ship. These are just a few examples of some land that whites legally, or by mutual agreement, acquired from blacks.

These stretches of land, and the farms on this land today, certainly cannot be defined as stolen…

Our history is littered with such barters and gifts, where land was traded for cattle or in many cases given as a reward for returning lost or stolen cattle from a neighbouring tribe to its original tribe.

As for King Faku, the question is whether the land was Faku’s to give in the first place. He, or his predecessor, undoubtedly took it by force from another hapless black tribe… Stealing, you may call it.

Of course Dingaan also tried to get his hands on it. He, and particularly Shaka before him, “stole” massive pieces of land; in fact they chased the Matabele people off their land, all the way to Zimbabwe where they still live.

The Matabele may argue that a large part of South Africa rightfully belongs to them and that the current black inhabitants should depart.

Needless to say that, even before the black tribes started “stealing” land from each other, the San people lived here.   They have the strongest claim of all.

To add a twist, by studying old documents and reading old diaries, you discover that vast areas of land were uninhabited when the Dutch arrived, basically no-man’s land. These areas got occupied and vacated almost at random, as a result of regional wars (or exterminations by other tribes) that took place from time to time.

The only difference between the Dutch who settled there and the previous occupants, who were gone, was that the Dutch were able to defend their positions and were not driven away.

I’m not sure how to bring this letter to the attention of Julias Malema and those who think like him. It is a very serious issue, since the disregard of treaties, no matter how old, tends to de-stabilize whole regions.

We need clarity about the grounds on which Juju Malema’s own claims are based…

If he is not interested in historic fact or the historic treaties that his forefathers entered into (not to mention those made by the ANC with the NP in 1994), and if he simply wants to seize land belonging to whites, then he is of course, planning to cause unrest,

#RaceagainstRace ….To My Critic’s it’s Not a White Thing, It’s The Right Thing..

Please follow my next post THE KILLING OF THE WHITE WOLF (E.T) The Untold Story by Anand Chetty 061 886 7175


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