Bosasa – Joe Gumede – PACST

Recruits have also been required to be members of the Pan African Council for Surveillance Technologists or PACST.
They say they are a sophisticated accrediting body which regulates standards in advanced surveillance.  Membership is strictly controlled and limited to those who exhibit the highest standards in their work.     A history of surveillance is essential.   This also falls under  B-BBEE –  only Black privilige.

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Who is “Papa”   – As an executive board member of the Group and the chairman of Kgwerano Financial Services, Papa has extensive knowledge and experience in numerous facets.
Bosasa — Papa Leshabane

The head of African Global Operations, Papa Leshabane, confirmed the news of Watson’s death on Monday afternoon.
Corruption: Bosasa – Gavin Watson – Papa Leshabane

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February 24, 2012   

Protecting our Justice System – Joe Gumede Bosasa

“The Department of Justice, recognising Bosasa’s 19 year record in risk management, has awarded them 38% of a major security tender.    This tender has a footprint in all nine provinces to protect DOJ’s assets: officials, citizens, structures and sensitive documents.   Though shared with three other vendors, Pretoria,has been awarded to Bosasa.”

“Bosasa has always been both a leading and pioneering company in the security field” shares Bosasa’s risk management chief, Joe Gumede. “With the bar now raised to professional status, it is called specialised risk management.   The scope of the total project includes 706 courts.

Bosasa has been allocated 273 sites.

We are also one of the four Companies with national key point accreditation. With crime syndication and terrorism on the rise worldwide, this is an accolade of note”.   Supporting the national employment drive, Bosasa has employed 2500 people – highly trained professional staff   have been targeted by our HR Department. 

Recruits have also been required to be members of the Pan African Council for Surveillance Technologists or PACST.

A history of surveillance is essential.


Bosasa as an approved registered body with PACST has provided the additional training for their staff if and when necessary as required for this very high level surveillance.  The new Advisory Board has set standards specifically customised to DOJ requirements.

Sondolo IT has been playing a significant role with its unique technology offering.  Apart from Pretoria, Johannesburg and Soweto are included.

Sondolo IT has provided electronic security directly rather than through third party distribution, which has improved speedy response to events and the safeguarding of assets.   Equipment includes metal detectors, x-ray machines, normal communications,   CCTV cameras of high resolution and access control systems.


Joe Gumede Bosasa

Is Bosasa an emerging  Global Citizen as they said?

Bosasa referred to the Greeks that coined the term ‘citizen of the world’ and they ‘can stake its citizenship as a  Group of Companies’ – are that global?  

“The principles are very simple ones, but we cannot see them in isolation. We have to look at the whole picture because there is a degree of overlap.  Working within the domestic law is important and sometimes working to international law standards, becomes even more important.   Our approach to information security confirms that.  We have  meaningful knowledge  across the board, that we are able to share for the betterment of the world.  Many of our patented inventions are now sought  in other countries.  We need strong global alliances which look beyond business into the sustainable development of the country with whom they are trading.”

“We have those now in six countries, with more pending.  That means for them they have shared values.   Looking after the national interest but always keeping an eye on international matters comes next.    We have welcomed regular international visitors  who have come to South Africa specifically to learn from us at Youth Centres because we have developed  best practises.”

“With globalisation we are all interconnected as a concerned community which includes environmental concerns and of course global warming.  We have aggressively supported the Green IQ project.   We continue to   track global trends and benchmarks by attending every major exhibition and convention in core states.  Our approach has always been innovative and scientific.

Look at Trustmaster, and our bow shaped, anti-climb fences and our unbreakable spoons at Correctional Centres.  We have contributed to human rights by changing the nature and frequency of quality meals in correctional centres and the grateful letters from offenders lends testimony to that.   Our social responsibility programmes have no peer.  Many of the youth we have assisted with our comprehensive rehabilitation programmes have gained recognition beyond our borders in professional spheres.   One represented South Africa in Thailand as a fashion designer. ”

“We may be an emerging global citizen but we cannot rest on our laurels.   According to CEO Gavin Watson “…our strategic projects for the next three years are aligned to meet all these criteria.  They will also help us choose our partners.”


Unemployment and B-BBEE walk together.   Whites are excluded from the economy .   They focus also on the youth, inclusive the BRICS countries (no whites).

‘n Regeringsprogram of inisiatief was onlangs geloods vir werkloosheid onder die jeug, maar dit sluit spesifiek BLANKES hierby uit.  Unemployment and B-BBEE walk hand in hand together – “only a certain group of certain races are privileged – blacks, because whites are excluded.
Swart rassisme : Jeug / Racism – Racism – Discrimination  

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