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TLU het verskeie artikels geskryf en in die media vrygestel rakende die uitlatinge van Ramaphosa en grondhervorming.  Daar was ook uitlatinge van die ANC se waardeerder dat die grond nou waardeloos is.  Wat ‘n spul leuens – geen grond in die wêreld is waardeloos nie.  Op watter tipe sisteme werk die ANC of enige Waardeerder dat grond waardeloos beskou word.   Nog ‘n ander feit oor veral die 5000 plase en verskeie ander eiendomme wat regering aangekoop het sedert 1994 , maar dit was beslis nie waardeloos nie.   Die belangrikste vraag is wat ons as belastingbetalers moet aandring is, die regering het sedert 1994 belastinggeld uit die kas geneem en die meer as 5000 plase en ander eiendomme aangekoop teen ‘n prys.   Dit was beslis  produktiewe plase.     Hierdie plase is op die ANC se naam geregistreer en weinig of selde is hulle oorgedra aan enige lid.  Soms as ‘n geregistreerde CPA kommunale gebied.
Read the various media articles of TAU as well as other related documentation and articles regarding land reform and restitution of white lands.
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Kommerwekkend dat dit in Hansards verskyn en geen opposisie wat direkte vrae hieroor vra dat belastings (staatskas) aangewend word om plase te bekom maar selde oorgedra word.  Die gebiede is regdeur Suid-Afrika geleë en vorm ook nie deel van “grondeise” as sulks nie, nog minder is dit deel van die ou Tuislande, wat netso oorgedra is aan die ANC regering (vlakke van regering).   Ewe skielik kom ‘n Waardeerder tevoorskyn en reken al hierdie plase en eiendomme is waardeloos, sodat die ander se grondgebiede dus ook as waardeloos beskou moet word.

Die ander vraag is hoeveel van die grondgebiede wat nou skielik waardeloos beskou word deur ANC Waardeerders word aan die Chinese of ander Brics kollegas “geskenk”  Dus betaal almal dubbeld vir hierdie tipe grondhervorming.  Ons belastings word misbruik vir grondhervorming en dan word grond “weggegegee”

Those 5000 farms or even other properties in cities and towns, were not part of normal land claims procedures but form part of the so-called restitution.

The current government bought  those properties – and all of them were productive farm lands at the stage .   The minister involved in those transactions, did not buy this for nothing.   Now all of a sudden those lands are worthless.  Normal Land claims are from public and not government itself.

Those lands they purchased,  can not belong to Government or the ANC if they used TAX money when they bought it.  Now they claim it is worthless.

Wie is die eienaar van die meer as 5000 staatsplase wat aangekoop is met belastinggeld. Tax was used to buy those very productive farmland. All of a sudden it is worthless.

This is not the only example of “land restitution” – they use the land excuse to mine explorations and who benefit from this?
Is this really Land expropriation?

Media release of TAU:

TAU SA has taken note of media reports that the executive officer in the office of the valuer general has indicated that some properties belonging to the state and which could be utilised for land reform purposes, will not have any value at all. In the same breath it was suggested that even privately-owned properties will not have any economic value.
“TAU SA questions this senseless point of view because it may well pave the way for the disastrous policy of Expropriation without Compensation which government is currently contemplating”, according to Mr Louis Meintjes, president of TAU SA. “To suggest that any form of property which was acquired will overnight be regarded as ‘worthless’ is ridiculous. TAU SA rejects this state of affairs and will do all in its power to prevent privately owned property being relegated in this way. It will have no other consequence as to speed up the process of economic collapse”


Under the cloak of “legitimate expropriation” (without compensation), the newly elected ANC president promises that privately owned land will be “taken”.  This boils down to legitimising theft.  In the same breath, specific preconditions are set inter alia that the economy should not suffer, and that food security should not be affected in a negative manner.  “Given acknowledgement by government that the productive utilisation of land which has been transferred in terms of the restitution process to beneficiaries, as well as providing aid comprising billions of Rand to people who cannot or don’t want to farm, has failed miserably, this new statement does not bode well for South Africa”, according to Mr Louis Meintjes, president of TAU SA.  “Where in the world has expropriation without compensation coupled to the waste of agricultural land, resulted in foreign confidence, economic growth and increased food production?’ he asks.

Mr Meintjes emphasized that the time has come for South Africa to confront its true challenges and identify them as such.  Not only are law-abiding citizens in their own country, irrespective of a “non-racial” cornerstone of a so-called “model” constitution, subjected to a wide variety pro-black and anti-Afrikaans laws, but pose a growing population increasing demands to a diminishing tax base.  That process is gathering momentum whilst the RSA’s junk status, growing rural poverty, collapsing infrastructure, the lowering of scholastic and academical standards, delivering basic services, rampant crime and a blatant absence to planning is the order of the day.

“No ideology, supported by superficial and populistic promises which are not supportive of sound economic principles, will ensure improvement.  If Mr Ramaphosa is set on creating an untenable situation, he should actively create circumstances which will promote famine.  His promise to expropriate land without compensation, sows the seed for revolution.  Expropriation without compensation is theft”.

Dreigemente teenoor blankes – WE wil take the land

Issued by: TAU SA
Enquiries: Mr Louis Meintjes, President TAU SA, Cell.: 082 461 7262
Mr Bennie van Zyl, General Manager TAU SA, Cell.: 082 466 4470
Date: Friday, October 12, 2018


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