NSF – National Skills Fund


The National Skills Fund (NSF) is a public entity that was established by government in 1999 and reports to the Minister of Higher Education and Training.    The NSF has the responsibility to initiate as well as respond to national skills priorities, which calls for the NSF to fund a range of skills development initiatives that aim to improve the employability or self-employability of citizens.

As such, the NSF funds skills development aligned with national development strategies and priorities. This work involves building linkages within the skills system and funding government strategies focused on the youth, small-, micro- and medium-sized enterprises (SMMEs) and cooperatives, as well as rural development.

A key focus of the fund is on the education and training of learners in scarce and critical skills through the funding of university bursaries and scholarships. Equally important is providing funding to bolster the capacity and offering at the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges and investing in infrastructure at universities for scarce and critical skills areas

The NSF’s continued investment in skills development initiatives is expected to contribute towards creating employability and reducing inequality and poverty.




Click to access NSF%20report%20-%20National%20Skills%20Fund%20Annual%20Report%202014-2015.pdf


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