Helium SA – Freestate

Good news to the Free State and the companies involved.  Natural gas is what Stefano Marani and Nick Mitchell had on their minds when they bought gas rights on this 87,000-hectare piece of land in the Free State province in 2012, for just $1.   When they had their gas finds tested, they discovered unusually high… Continue reading Helium SA – Freestate

US provides $40m for Renergen’s South African gas project

  Emerging liquefied natural gas (LNG) and helium producer Renergen has signed a $40-million loan agreement with the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), marking a significant milestone for the company, which recently listed on the ASX.    The loan,  was originally announced earlier on but was subject to execution of the full loan agreement prior to… Continue reading US provides $40m for Renergen’s South African gas project

America – Virginia Gas project

There are similar agreements between America, China and even Russia, Germany and France, with South Africa,  but Black Economic Empowerment and Affirmative Action legislations in South Africa are still being applied everywhere on specific only the white people - are those governments then in agreement with South Africa? Hopefully both the American  and Chinese governments… Continue reading America – Virginia Gas project

Free State could be producing 5% of the world’s helium soon

  A statement was made on 14 March 2018 that a mining company has unexpectedly found helium concentrations in the Free State much, much higher than those elsewhere in the world.        Its output in 2019 was already due to satisfy South Africa's helium need for MRI machines and underwater breathing, but its… Continue reading Free State could be producing 5% of the world’s helium soon

Freestate – Virginia Gas Project – Chinese

A Chinese company received a contract to help establish the first commercial Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) facility in the country.    A local group, Renergen  announced on 29 October 2019 that Western Shell Cryogenic Equipment (WSCE) of China will be involved in establishing the Virginia Gas Project, which will produce LNG and liquid helium.  According to the… Continue reading Freestate – Virginia Gas Project – Chinese