Schools torched in South Africa

If school children or students torched school building or universities, let them study under the tree or they must build it up by themselves with their own money or their parents.   They must use their own labour and pay them to do that.  Where were the parents when they did this?  Nobody gave them orders… Continue reading Schools torched in South Africa

Discipline at schools – South Africa

  Deputy Minister of police, Bongani Mkongi, has called on South Africans to begin the discussion on corporal punishment in schools. Mkongi says that since the banishment of corporal punishment, alternative forms of discipline are not bearing fruit.   The police deputy minister was speaking at a school safety summit hosted by the Gauteng government in… Continue reading Discipline at schools – South Africa

The R105 million Menzi question

  What is the real expenditure for those stolen goods?   Could this really add up to R105 million? The primary school was robbed just a week after education MEC Panyaza Lesufi opened the R105m facility and asked Tsakane residents to look after it.    stolen included 185 tablets, eight laptops, two projectors and three desktop… Continue reading The R105 million Menzi question

Misdaad by skool – Crime at Menzi

  The school with the "smart classes", which was previously run from a dilapidated structure, was worth over R105 million and will benefit hundreds of children from the East Rand community.  but unfortunately, a week later, most of the equipment were gone - 185 tablets were stolen along with a range of other valuables including… Continue reading Misdaad by skool – Crime at Menzi