Yuri Bezmenov – the Communist Ideology

His real name was Yuri Bezmenov (Tomas Schuman) – who was a former Soviet journalist, a state informant for the Soviet First Directorate, and former KGB officer who defected to Canada in the 1970’s.   Bezmenov is famously known for his lectures on Soviet-Communist subversion tactics used to influence western society through institutions such as media, universities, and government.   Most of those communist countries were also involved in South Africa and our borders for years.   Watch the video material as well.   
Dis alombekend waarmee ons in SA te doen het.



Tomas Schuman; Aug. 14, 1939 – Jan. 5, 1993

In his lectures, he describes the act of subversion being the most common and widely used tactic by the Soviet Government to influence their power within western society; furthermore, outlining four steps of subversion that were used by the Soviets – based off Sun-Tsu’s Art of War – into distinct characteristics:

Demoralization: Done through 15-20 years to subvert a generation through moral influence of propaganda inside areas where public opinion is shaped (i.e., religion, education, social life, labor, and employment relations etc.).

Destabilization: Done through severing ties to national or internal characteristics of a society. Produced through individuals influencing economy, media, and law and order. Essentially the fractionating of a society based on demoralization (e.g., radicalization).  

Crisis: Comes from an impactful or disastrous situation that divides a nation or society based on fault lines creating panic.

Normalization: Is an acceptance of individuals – predominantly through soft power, but can be done through hard power (e.g., violence) – to submit to the ideals of government as a protector and to accept the changes of law for a collective understanding.

In his last piece: The Grift That Keeps on Grifting: the Troubling Issue on Campus, this animosity was outlined and being accepted by industry through a form of systemic knowledge oppression. Perhaps, this is what Bezmenov was discussing through dangerous precedent of subversion using economy, media, institutions, and government to push identitarianism as a goal for national subversion.

It was more explained in this article about America:

One explanation for this is seeing nations like the United States and Canada being subverted by China using political contributions, influence buying, theft of patented technology, and in some cases espionage to influence decision and policy beneficial to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Who was Tomas Schuman and why was he Important?


Hy het oorgeloop, weg uit sy eie vaderland, Rusland, sy reg gedraai op kommunisme, vir sy nuwe gesinslewe, menslikheid en veral absolute vryheid.  Hy was ook as Tomas Schuman bekend, gebore 14 Augustus 1939 in Moskou en 5 Januarie 1993 oorlede.   Dis wat geskryf word.   Hy het oral waar hy gegaan het mense gewaarsku oor wat presies kommunisme is en hoe dit plaasvind – hoe regerings ge-infiltreer word, mense, besighede, volke en nasies, uiteindelik alles vernietig word. 

Onder ons eie SA (ANC ea.) geledere is daar vele agente wat in Rusland opgelei is en ook vir hulle gewerk het.   Wat vir hierdie sogenaamde organisasies en institute werksaam is, wat aan ons voorgehou word as die waarheid of vir ons minderhede se menseregte veg.  Ons moet elkeen onsself afvra, destyds met die Anglo-Boere oorloë het ons voorgeslagte identies dieselfde tipe kommunistiese gedrag ervaar as wat ons in die 1950-1994 ervaar het.   Niks het verander nie.   Hulle praat dieselfde taal en lyk soos ons.  Dit word onder elke stam en volk aangetref.

Meer as een kommunistiese land was betrokke binnelands sowel as op ons grense sedert 1900-1961.  Wie het ons gesaboteer?   Diegene wat vandag die land “regeer” tot chaos en algehele afbreek.   

Daar is of mag dalk wel persone wees wat reken noudat kommuniste ons regeer, is die boek van kommunisme toegemaak.   BESLIS NIE. 

Met swart bemagtiging en regstelaksies wat ons blankes aftakel, veral ons Boere van die Boere republieke, is hierdie ‘n nog meer gesamentlike poging van juis die agente, die  liberaliste, klassieke liberale blankes en kommuniste saam om ons af te takel tot zero vlak.   Statebond is deel daarvan van dag een af.

Luister na die volgende beeldmateriaal en vergelyk dit met wat die afgelope 40-60 of selfs langer in Suid-Afrika en selfs Afrika aan die gang is.  Dit het reeds voor die ABO begin, 1806.


Destruction of people, businesses, corporations and countries.   “Governments do not think it is a crime”.   Since 1961 and even before this time.

Subversion is a two way “traffic” system

Demoralisations (15-20+ years)


Warning from Former KGB Agent



A very informative documentary concerning the subversive activities of Soviet and communist KGB agents, operatives and spies within the United States over the past several decades.

There is a brief interview with Larry Grathwohl and some Bill Ayers footage, with a bit of background on the Weather Underground. Additionally, there is a rare interview with KBG defector Yuri Bezmenov (a.k.a. Tomas Schuman). Of note is the congressional testimony of ex-communist Elizabeth Bentley discussing her cover as a “conservative”.



Communism and Programmed

Revolutions – Rewolusies

ANC and its revolution

Communism – Boshevism – “so-called reform” “so-called land reform”

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