Masks and CO2 – what is Hypoxia?

As daar videos gewys of nuus gelees word deesdae, staan die “hoogwaardiges” so naby aan mekaar, fluister en ontvang nuusblad om te lees van papiere af.   Geen “maskers” of afstand word behou nie.  Nie net in Suid-Afrika nie, maar regdeur die spektrum is dit so, is eintlik so ongeloofwaardig om te glo, dat mens wonder hoekom word daar vir “massas” gepreek en selfs die massas in Suid-Afrika dra nog minder maskers of behou afstande.   Dis nie net armoede nie, hier is iets baie verdags aan die gang, verseker.

A group of children wearing face masks, amid concerns of the COVID-19 coronavirus, running along an under-construction street in Beijing.


Veral as jong kinders van 14 jaar dood neerslaan in China en dan onthou mens ook wat vroeër afgespeel is, maar totaal as “verdag en fake” gemaak is.    En dan laat grootmense en regerings maskers toe wat nie getoets is om te gebruik nie, en kinders word toegelaat om daarmee te hardloop.   Dit grens aan moord.


Word en is sommige van ons onder huis-arres geplaas en ander wat die strand wou geniet, mag nie, want ook hulle is onder “arres”, word 3-5 sommer agter in polisie voertuie gegooi sonder afstande.   Beamptes staan halfpad met ‘n masker oor die mond en die wat gearressteer is, word sommer opgehelp (fisiese aanraking).    Merkwaardig hoe vinnig die polisie verander, wat nie bang vir daardie “virus” is wat hulle so “verdedig” op die strand nie.

Dis nou gruwelik verby – tot ‘n ma en haar jong kind word aangekeer.  Die kind wou gaan voete natmaak in die see, en is eenvoudig gestop.    Kan dit wees?   Ja, net in Suid-Afrika.

Daar is net 3 uur ‘n dag “oefeninge” en dan is almal vry tot so 20:00 om te gaan tou staan saam die massas en miljoene.    Na 20:00 is dit aandklokreël nes in die ou dae met terroristiese aanvalle en bomme – en destyds was tot kerke nie ontsien waar bomme en aanvalle geloods is.

Nie dat ons op die plaas dit agtergekom het waar ons bedags so besig was met plaaswerk, skoolwerk en eie besighede, dat ons nie ons aan ‘n aandklokreël gesteur het nie.   Sommige volkies wat op die plaas gebly het, het ook baie messe en knopkieries gehad en daar was baie gevegte wat mens as kind onthou.   Nooit betrokke geraak nie, maar die Polisie moes maar uitkom om die vrede te kom bewaar.   Oorsaak – familietwiste of net bakleiery en messtekery.  Dit het na 50 -60 jaar nie verander nie en het inteendeel 1000 maal erger geword.


Why are most of the leaders, even some police and army without masks when they “control” us in the houses or during walking/runnings, not the massas outside.

In SA most of blacks are also without masks when they do shopping – only the middle class and workers are also “at their homes” – not sure.

Are there different rules for us, blacks and whites in South Africa?  I think so.   Look at certain pictures and fines for white people, when they put 3-4 whites in police vehicles, with no distancing at all.   They even helping them into the vans,


What happened to those others that dropped dead?    Is this really a killer virus – do not think so.   What are most of the other “diseases” applicable?  Cancer – normal flu – pneumonia – diabetes – heart diseases / failures etc.



  Two Chinese boys dropped dead within a week of one another while wearing face masks during gym class, according to a report.   The students, who were both 14, were each running laps for a physical examination test when they suddenly collapsed on the track, Australian outlet 7News reported.

Those boys were not the first ones and not the last ones.  If you have any flu at that time, you will battle for sure with no oxygen.   And what kind of “scientific” studies are there on any masks made by WHO, to work or to exercise as well and to stop a virus?

One of the teens was only minutes into his gym class when he fell backward April 24 at Dancheng Caiyuan Middle School in Henan province, according to the outlet.

“He was wearing a mask while lapping the running track, then he suddenly fell backwards and hit his head on the ground,” his father, who was only identified as Li, told the outlet.

His dad said teachers and students tried to help him, to no avail.    The death certificate listed the cause as sudden cardiac arrest, but no autopsy was performed, the outlet said.


The boy’s father said he believes that the mask his son was required to wear to school played a role in his death.

“I suspect it was because he was wearing a mask,” he said, adding that “it couldn’t have been comfortable wearing a mask while running.”


But Cao Lanxiu, professor at Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine, said it’s unlikely that the mask caused the boy to suffocate.    “I don’t think mask-wearing has caused this sudden death,” Cao said, though she added that it was impossible to say without an autopsy.

Six days after his death, the second student collapsed at Changsha’s Xiangjun Future Experimental School in Hunan province, the outlet reported.

He had been wearing an N95 respirator and running a 1,000-meter exam when the fatal incident occurred, the report said. It’s unclear whether an autopsy had been ordered.

Though it’s not known whether the masks played a role in either death, several schools in Tianjin and Shanghai have canceled physical education exams, according to the report.


What really happened – also CO2 perhaps?     Articles and videos were shown on the internet as well.   Most of them have masks on.    What is behind your mask?    Not fresh air and oxygen.   

Hypoxia is a condition in which the body or a region of the body is deprived of adequate oxygen supply at the tissue level. Hypoxia may be classified as either generalized, affecting the whole body, or local, affecting a region of the body.   Early signs of hypoxia are anxiety, confusion, and restlessness; if hypoxia is not corrected, hypotension will develop.


Assessment for hypoxia can be done by completing a medical history, determining current medical condition, and performing a respiratory assessment. If a patient is experiencing any of the signs and symptoms listed in Table 5.1, hypoxia may be present.

Hypoxia must be treated immediately by the health care provider, as a lack of oxygen to tissues and organs can create serious complications (Alberta Health Services, 2015).

Table 5.1 Signs and Symptoms of Hypoxia
Safety considerations:
  • Presence of symptoms depends on the patient’s age, presence of disease process, level of health, and presence of chronic illness.
  • Consider any underlying causes of hypoxia, such as COPD, heart failure, anemia, and pneumonia, which need to be corrected to prevent and manage hypoxia (Perry et al., 2007).
  • Early signs of hypoxia are anxiety, confusion, and restlessness; if hypoxia is not corrected, hypotension will develop.
  • As hypoxia worsens, the patient’s vital signs, activity tolerance, and level of consciousness will decrease.
  • Late signs of hypoxia include bluish discoloration of the skin and mucous membranes, where vasoconstriction of the peripheral blood vessels or decreased hemoglobin causes cyanosis. Cyanosis is most easily seen around the lips and in the oral mucosa. Never assume the absence of cyanosis means adequate oxygenation.
Signs and Symptoms Indications
 Tachypnea Increased respiration rate is an indication of respiratory distress.
 Dyspnea Shortness of breath (SOB) is an indication of respiratory distress.
Use of accessory muscles Use of neck or intercostal muscles when breathing is an indication of respiratory distress.
Noisy breathing Audible noises with breathing, or wheezes and crackles, are an indication of respiratory conditions. Assess lung sounds for adventitious sounds such as wheezing or crackles. Secretions can plug the airway, thereby decreasing the amount of oxygen available for gas exchange in the lung.
Decreased oxygen saturation levels Oxygen saturation levels should be between 92% and 98% for an adult without an underlying respiratory condition. Lower than 92% is considered hypoxic. For patients with COPD, oxygen saturation levels may range from 88% to 92%. Lower than 88% is considered hypoxic.
Flaring of nostrils or pursed lips Patients who are hypoxic may breathe differently, which may signal the need for supplemental oxygen.
Skin colour of patient Changes in skin colour to bluish or gray are a late sign of hypoxia.
Position of patient Patients in respiratory distress may voluntarily sit up or lean over by resting arms on their legs to enhance lung expansion. Patients who are hypoxic may not be able to lie flat in bed.
Ability of patient to speak in full sentences Patients in respiratory distress may be unable to speak in full sentences, or may need to catch their breath between sentences.
Change in mental status or loss of consciousness (LOC) This is a worsening and a late sign of hypoxia.
Restlessness or anxiety This is an early sign of hypoxia.
Data source: British Thoracic Society, 2008; Perry et al., 2014

5.4 Signs and Symptoms of Hypoxia


It is an image that captures the chilling reality of the coronavirus outbreak in the Chinese city of Wuhan: a grey-haired man wearing a face mask lies dead on the pavement, a plastic shopping bag in one hand, as police and medical staff in full protective suits and masks prepare to take him away.

On what would typically be a crowded street in Wuhan, an industrial city of 11 million people under quarantine, there are only a few passersby – but they dare not go near him.

Journalists from Agence France-Presse saw the body on Thursday morning, not long before a vehicle arrived carrying emergency workers. AFP could not determine how the man, who appeared to be aged in his 60s, had died.

But the reaction of the police and medical staff in hazmat suits, as well as some of the bystanders, highlighted the fear pervading the city.

AFP contacted police and local health officials afterwards but could not get details on his case.


A shocking video surfaced from Wuhan, where a man lied dead on an empty street at China’s virus ground zero. As the deadly coronavirus outbreak continues to spread outside China, the world health organization declared it as a global health emergency. Meanwhile, within China, the virus continues to take more lives. The death toll has now jumped to 213 with over 10,000 people infected in China itself.


What face masks actually do against coronavirus


A limited stockpile and a massive spike in demand led to a critical shortage of 3M N95 masks for American healthcare workers fighting Covid-19. Yet there are a number of alternative masks that America could import, but can’t, due to strict federal guidelines.


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