Grensoorlog – 32 Battalion


32 Battalion South Africa Defense – The Terrible Ones: South Africa’s ’32 Battalion’ Grensoorlog – The series that covers the South African Border War (Angolan Bush War) – 1966 to 1989 …

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Voor 1994 het ons ‘n baie sterk weermag-lugmag-vloot gehad.  Elkeen was uniek, die 32s veral word soms baie uitgesonder – iets om op trots te wees omdat hul deel was van ons om kommunisme te beveg.   Maar hulle was nie alleen om kommunistiese vure dood te slaan nie.   Dissipline, self-dissipline en respek.   Die wat tuis was en gebid het vir die wat blootgestel is aan die oorlog.    Geliefdes wat afgestaan is aan die dood.   Respek.


For the first time ever ­ we reveal previously censored military footage which unashamedly tells the story of the true events of South Africa’s Bush War. This series packs a powerful punch providing an intimate, sometimes shocking, yet balanced glimpse of an important era in Africa’s history.

GRENSOORLOG / BUSH WAR constitutes a literal unburdening for those whose voices have been silenced for so long. The viewer is taken on a journey that moves through a bloody November 1975 (Angolan Independence) and culminates with clashes at Cuito Cuanavale (1988). GRENSOORLOG / BUSH WAR offers new perspectives on the Bush War through paradigms of diplomatic and military history and cultural studies.

Those interviewed have challenged the boundaries, broken the silences and even tackled some of the taboos about the war. GRENSOORLOG / BUSH WAR firmly places the issues of TRUTH & RECONCILIATION back onto the Southern African political agenda and at the centre of popular imagination.

The series consists of a 2 volume 4 disc set.

Available in Afrikaans as GRENSOORLOG and BUSH WAR  in English. At checkout please indicate which language DVD set you wish to receive.
Grensoorlog / Bush War (Complete DVD Set – 26 Episodes)


32 Battalion – The Terrible Ones

The complete history of 32 Battalion, South Africa’s most feared military unit

South Africa’s most feared military unit



Tribute to all our heroes

FW de Klerk in sy skik of nie?

Pomfret Noordwes ea

Pomfret Northwest – 32 Battalion


White Man of Africa— Never forget your heritage. Never allow anyone to guilt you or bully you into shame. Hold your chin up. Our forefathers came here to improve their lives & make a new life , they stole nothing & have made all of modern SA that everyone enjoys today possible

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