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Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of State Capture

Bosasa : Agrizzi 23 January 2019

We start with the latest from the Zondo Commission of Inquiry into State capture – and the continued testimony from former Bosasa chief operating office Angelo Agrizzi. He told the commission how the company allegedly paid for ANC rallies – and at one point a birthday cake – and then started to name names. He said that current Environmental Affairs Minister Nomvula Mokonyane had received an amount of fifty thousand rand a month for several years.  In a bombshell revelation, Agrizzi named Moyane – who is also a former SA Revenue Service (SARS) commissioner – as a recipient of bribes during his tenure as correctional services commissioner between 2010 and 2013.
Former Bosasa chief operating officer Angelo Agrizzi has implicated Environmental Affairs Minister Nomvula Mokonyane and former correctional services commissioner Tom Moyane in the quickly expanding network of corruption allegations surrounding Bosasa.



Various video clips about the case and various evidences



State Capture Inquiry – Angelo Agrizzi, 23 January 2019
Tuesday he further detailed corrupt dealings between BOSASA and Correctional Services.



Angelo Agrizzi
Former Bosasa COO Angelo Agrizzi told the Zondo Commission that the company catered for ANC rallies and paid for the ruling party’s birthday cake. Agrizzi was testifying about the relationship between Bosasa and Cabinet minister Nomvula Mokonyana


“fiscal dumping”


PIC Commission of Inquiry, 23 January 2019

22 January
The Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of Impropriety Regarding the Public Investment Corporation also continues today. The head of internal audit at the PIC Lufuno Nemaghovhani is expected to take the stand.


Agrizzi says Bosasa, through middleman Sesinyi Seopela, bribed officials at the department of justice with R15m.   

Controversial prisons security company Bosasa allegedly made numerous payments totalling millions of rand to various government departments in exchange for lucrative security contracts. 

According to former Bosasa executive Angelo Agrizzi, who was testifying before the state capture inquiry on Monday, the company employed the services of Sesinyi Seopela to facilitate the payments to government officials.

Seopela, who once served as ANC Youth League president Peter Mokaba’s bodyguard, is alleged to be the middleman that Bosasa paid to pass on vital information on government contracts, and to pay officials for securing deals for the company. 

Agrizzi said he gave Seopela up to R500,000 per month between 2008 and 2016 to pay officials at the department of correctional services, where the bulk of Bosasa’s contracts come from. He said this amount increased to R750,000 after Tom Moyane was appointed as the department’s national commissioner.

Officials were bribed at the department of justice and constitutional development with R15m. He said he was present at a meeting where four officials from the department were paid to secure a contract for one of Bosasa’s companies, Sondolo IT.


21 January “stop squeezing”

The state capture inquiry is due to start in just over 10 minutes. We’ve been hearing testimony from former Bosasa C-O-O Angelo Agrizzi.



agrizza state capture death threats


The State Capture inquiry, or the Zondo Commission, as it’s formally known, is back this week.

Oh, and it’s back with a serious bang.

Given that we are so used to hearing about corruption involving staggering sums of money, it takes something pretty special to make us sit up and take notice.

Enter former chief operations officer for Bosasa, Angelo Agrizzi, who took the stand yesterday for day two of his testimony. He clearly and methodically outlined exactly how the company would dish out bribes in order for Bosasa to secure favourable contracts.

Bosasa, which now trades as African Global Group, is a company with close ties to the ANC, and it emerged last month that CEO Gavin Watson had made a personal donation of R500 000 to Cyril Ramaphosa’s 2017 presidential campaign.

I think that footage, and Agrizzi’s commentary, speaks for itself.

Bosasa CEO Gavin Watson might be a name you’re not all that familiar with, but how about Eastern Cape rugby royalty Cheeky and Luke Watson?

Yeah, they’re one big happy family, and a family that the Daily Maverick says “make the Guptas look like amateurs”.

Let’s dive into that one:

…Agrizzi, currently testifying before the Zondo commission of inquiry into State Capture, will blow the lid on high-level corruption, State Capture and money-laundering by his former employer…

If Agrizzi’s testimony plays out as the summary before the Zondo commission of inquiry has suggested, it will dwarf the capture and corruption by the Gupta family.

In its first three months, that family was at the epicentre of almost all testimony; that changed today as another family took its place.

The Watson family hail from the Eastern Cape, where Cheeky Watson’s decision to play rugby with black South Africans and forego a Springbok cap in the Eighties made them local heroes. They were close to former Eastern Cape premier Makhenkesi Stofile and were activists in the liberation movement.

The family, led by Gavin Watson [pictured above with Jacob Zuma], parlayed this influence into a massive security and facilities conglomerate which has made billions of rand from state contracts.

I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that ANC chairperson Gwede Mantashe had security installed at his Boksburg home, and at two Eastern Cape properties, by Bosasa.

Definitely also a coincidence that Bosasa made payments and security installations at the home of ANC MP Vincent Smith.

Smith has since stepped down as chairperson of a special parliamentary committee which chaired hearings into land expropriation without compensation.

Some further bombshells dropped by Agrizzi during his testimony:

[He] traced Bosasa’s genesis as a highly politically connected company called Dyambu. Dyambu sought to win catering contracts on the mines and it paid bribes to officials of the National Union of Mineworkers to get them to exert political pressure on Goldfields in order to win its first tenders.

Later on, Bosasa would perfect the strategy of using trade unions to gain traction in huge security and catering deals at the country’s prisons, airports and elsewhere. It also runs the refugee repatriation facility called Lindela.



>> OR

Former chief operations officer for Bosasa Angelo Agrizzi took the stand for the second time at the state capture inquiry on Thursday January 17 2019, where he detailed how bribe money was moved, stored and paid out by Bosasa.


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