ANA (African News Agency)

Wie is die ANA agentskap?  Dit is ‘n Nuus agentskap in Afrika.

Nou wie sit agter die skerms en trek toutjies in die Media podium. Klink PAN AFRICAN bekend?

Dr Iqbal Survé en  Ladislas Agbesi

Image result for Dr Iqbal Survé Ladislas Agbesi  photo



Founded by Dr Iqbal Survé, the Sekunjalo Group is an emerging multinational, which has grown in less than two decades, from a seed capital of 20 000 USD, to a current investment portfolio value of 3,5 – 4 billion USD.
The African News Agency, popularly referred to as “ANA,” was established by two African billionaires, Sekunjalo Investments Chair and Executive Chairman of Independent Media, Dr Iqbal Survé, and the Chairman of the Pan African Business Forum, Ladislas Agbesi. The African News Agency is the first news and content syndication service on the African continent, and was launched in Cape Town in February 2015.
The launch of ANA followed the liquidation of the South African Press Association (SAPA). The SAPA was once a major supplier of foreign and domestic news in South Africa, and consisted of a feed distributed to newsrooms in the country. When the two African investors acquired SAPA, to establish the African News Agency, they wanted to create one of Africa’s first news syndication services with stories written by Africans, for Africans, and for the rest of the world. They realized that the narrative of Africa had been written by Western news organisations, and did not subscribe to the view that Africa is a continent that is subject to famine, crime and disease. The African News Agency would tell far more positive stories of Africa and African people showcasing Africa as a continent full of hope and a wealth of opportunity.


1997 – Waar het dit begin?

Mandela en swart bemagtiging – 1997

In order to address this economic imbalance in the country between black and white people, the newly established, democratic government adopted an affirmative economic policy called Black Economic Empowerment, popularly referred to as Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE).

Heeding the call from President Nelson Mandela, Dr Iqbal Survé, a medical doctor, close to President Nelson Mandela decided to leave medicine, to establish The Sekunjalo Group. The Group was founded on an ethos of social justice and broad-based economic participation and inclusion for the majority of South Africans.


Dit het SAPA “vervang” maar slegs vir Swart Media – Pan African

This is the tagline of a new news syndication agency announced on Tuesday, set to fill the void which will be left by Sapa when it closes at the end of next month. The agency will provide breaking news, politics, economics and business, sport, crime and courts, and lifestyle articles.

African News Agency – or Ana – will publish its first content in text, video, picture and audio on March 1, through an initial investment of $20 million (R234m).

News outlets around the world will be able to pay a subscription fee to Ana and receive access to view and use content produced all over Africa.

The agency is backed by Ladislas Agbesi, executive chairman of the Pan African Business Forum, as well as Dr Iqbal Survé, executive chairman of Sekunjalo Investment Holdings and owner of Independent Newspapers.





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