Krugerdag – 10 Oktober – Kruger Day

  On the photo it is Paul Kruger with members of his family (including his daughter Elsje Eloff and her family) at Oranjelust, Utrecht, the Netherlands in 1902.      He was the president of the ZAR (old Transvaal) before the British empire annexed the land for themselves.    Kruger Day was first celebrated in 1882,… Continue reading Krugerdag – 10 Oktober – Kruger Day

Wooden deck Mopani at Kruger Park collapsed

According to EMS, seven of the 14 people were injured and transported to various hospitals.    Two people were critically injured after a wooden deck in the Mopani Camp, Kruger National Park collapsed today, May 23. The deck which is said to be located next to a pub collapsed while there were 14 people on it.According to… Continue reading Wooden deck Mopani at Kruger Park collapsed