Yemen Houthi – US bases – Iran – Saudi Arabia – Israel

  Iran’s president has warned American and other foreign forces to “stay away” from the region, as Tehran paraded long-range missile capable of reaching American bases.    Hassan Rouhani said the presence of such troops in the Gulf has always brought “pain and misery”, in a speech made at an annual military parade to commemorate the… Continue reading Yemen Houthi – US bases – Iran – Saudi Arabia – Israel

Yemen Houthi – Houthi’s – Saudi Arabia – Israel – USA – Iran

Houthi rebels fighting Saudi Arabia in Yemen claimed responsibility for the attack. They are backed by Iran and used Iranian weapons. America may have evidence the strike came from inside Iran itself. Mike Pompeo, the secretary of state, has called it “an act of war”. The details matter, but do not change the question: how… Continue reading Yemen Houthi – Houthi’s – Saudi Arabia – Israel – USA – Iran

Drones – South Africa

  Drone law in South Africa is a very interesting and complex situation. The flying of drones in the South African airspace had been unregulated and essentially illegal. Initially, the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) responded by clamping down on drones already operating in the South African civil aviation airspace. But now, SACAA has… Continue reading Drones – South Africa

Drones – Federal Aviation

  2018  - There are dozens of videos on the Internet showing small, unmanned aircraft delivering medicine, packages, pizzas and tacos.   If you believe the hype, the skies may soon be crowded with these vehicles.    The Federal Aviation Administration took a big step toward defining this future by enacting the rules and regulations known… Continue reading Drones – Federal Aviation