Lock down food parcel corruption South Africa


This also happened with the RDP houses the current 26 years and what happened with the moneys, the Gupta and State capture, all the other scandals, arms deals, corruption with tenders, etc.   Now in lockdown.  The Government of the day, ANC, since 1994, promised to deal “harshly” with people who may be suspected of stealing food parcels meant for struggling people during the lockdown.   Media and social media reports have suggested that in some parts of the country people, including government officials – councillors in particular – have been accused of stealing food parcels.



Almost two weeks ago, a Dawid Kruiper Municipality councillor was accused of stealing food parcels meant for the Leerkans community in the Northern Cape, The Citizen reported.

These reports also suggest that there is some kind of manipulation by councillors who would choose who receives the food parcels. Some have been accused of only giving parcels to their relatives and members of their constituencies, thereby sowing serious divisions within communities.



On Tuesday, 21 April 2020, President Cyril Ramaphosa said the government was deeply disturbed by reports of unscrupulous people abusing the distribution of food and other assistance for corrupt ends. “We will not hesitate to ensure that those involved in such activities face the full might of the law.”

Government to tackle food parcel corruption


COVID-19 Lockdown Corruption | Hawks investigating food parcel fraud in Northern Cape

President Cyril Ramaphosa has reiterated that anyone defrauding the vulnerable and stealing food parcels – will face the full might of the law. This as the Hawks in the Northern Cape are investigating alleged corruption in the distribution of food hampers in the province. The Northern Cape Social Development Department says they have received numerous complaints from the public and have handed over the information on irregularities to the Hawks.


National Civic Organisation – SANCO – has opened a case of corruption against a number of government officials, for allegedly distributing food parcels unfairly. SANCO claims to have proof that these officials deliver food parcels to their families, friends and constituency members, instead of beneficiaries. Thus failing many families that desperately need food parcels.


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