South Africa Covit-19 Emergency Disaster


Speech from President of South Africa notes

Government of South Africa declared a National State of Disaster

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President Cyril Ramaphosa has called for consolidated reports from his Cabinet as the country experiences rapidly rising coronavirus cases.





Speech from President of South Africa notes

Government of South Africa declared a National State of Disaster

▪Infected as of Sunday: 61
▪Internal Transmission Occuring
▪Limit Contact between Persons
▪Travel Ban from High Risk (italy iran south korea spain germany uk usa, china as of 18 mar 2020)

South Africans are to Refrain from travelling to
▪UK/USA/Europe/China/Iran/South Korea
▪People who visited High Risk areas as of mid Feb – are required to come in for testing

South Africa has 72 ports of entry land/sea/airport
▪53 Land Ports, 35 Shut down as of Monday
▪2 out of 8 sea port closed for passengers
▪Non essential travel prohibited
▪Non essential domestic travel to be stopped

▪Limit contact groups of people
▪Gatherings of more than 100pax = prohibited
▪All mass celebration public holidays cancelled
▪Organizers to put in place stringent measures for <100pax events

▪Schools will be closed from Wed 18 Mar
▪Schools will remain closed till after Easter
(July Holidays shortened by week ?)

▪Mining retail banking farming to introduce measures for hygene control
▪Shopping Malls / Entertainment centres to bolster hygene control

Citizens to Change behaviour
▪Wash Hands frequently with soap + water or hand sanitizers for minimum 20sec
▪Cover nose/mouth cough/sneeze with tissue/flexed elbow
▪Avoid anyone with flulike symptoms
▪Minimize physical contact
▪Use Elbow greeting no shaking hands

The Government thanks businesses who have taken steps to protect their employees


1. Declared a National state of disaster

2. Limit contact with persons affected.

3. Travel ban on travelers from certain countries. From 18th March

4. Visas cancelled from those countries

5. SA travelers to avoid travel through high risk countries

6. Regular travel alerts will be issued as risk arises.

7. SA returning from high risk countries will be submitted to testing and isolation. Travelera entering SA since Feb will be required to present themselves for testing

8. SA has 72 entry points. 2 sea port closed for sea travelers. Also 3 airport will be closely monitored.

9. All travel for all government banned

10. Local travel advised against

11. Social distancing required. Thus gatherings of more than 100 people prohibited.

12. Small gatherings unavoidable organizers are to take all measures.

14. All Schools to close on 18th March until after Easter.

15. Visits to all correctional services suspended for 30 days.

16. Universities not closing – minister to announce measures asap

17. All hygiene control called on

18. Places visited by large numbers of people must bolster hygiene measures. Eg shopping centers etc

19. Capacity at hospitals across SA being bolstered.

20. National monitoring system being set up with private sector

21. Avoid close contact with all people.

22. Rather don’t shake hands

23. National command council meeting 3 times a week.

24. Potentially big impact on the country’s economy.

25. Impact on production and on businesses. Cabinet looking at interventions of the impact on the economy

26. It will be extremely disruptive

27. We cannot allow to be overwhelmed by fear and panic

28. Dont spread fake news

29. All institutions of the state will be mobilized to deal with this. But private will need to play out part.

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