Sona2020 South Africa “Take your seats” “Order”

Sy kon geen beheer oor die Parlementslede uitoefen nie.
It was reported in the media that the speaker, Thandi Modise has promised that she would apply the rules of Parliament when the EFF tries to disrupt the State of the Nation Address by Ramaphosa and – she didn’t.   Time and again she was overruled and manipulated (Planned).   Modise said  that they would not allow the disruption of the Chamber by the EFF. “There is one item on the agenda and it is to receive the State of the Nation Address. We are entertaining that item because the agenda is decided by the president.   What a joke.  It is plain  #communism  #bolshevism from both sides.

Die EFF speel hul rooi kommunistiese kaarte
SONA 2020 – Ramaphosa


ANC – Quatro camps 


Who are paying the salaries and benefits of the members of  parliament?
They are not there to play games , are they?     


The election of the president will take place after lunch at 2 O’ clock when the House resumes. ANC nominee Cyril Ramaphosa will be declared dully elected president if there are no other nominations for the position of president.


There are NO “rules in the so-called democratic communist parliament” in South Africa.     This is not the first and not the last time.   

It looks they like playing silly musical chairs by the “house of anc parliament” and they think it is entertainment to the citizens of South Africa.   

It was all well planned.  The “Red Brigade (EFF) took the “stage” and control and made the rules in South African parliament – they were onto something and playing the chairs, playing the data internet and time of all South Africans , the so-called democratic society”.      They do it on purpose and want their own rules in place. 


It was reported in the media that the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) want to disrupt this evening’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) may not come to fruition as according to a source, there is an urgent court application to stop the party from attending the premier political gathering.

Independent Media has been reliably informed by a source at the National Council of Provinces that there has been an application by Parliament to prevent the EFF from disrupting tonight’s SONA.   The red party has made its intention to disrupt the SONA quite clear, saying it would only back off if President Cryil Ramaphosa fires Pravin Gordhan.   It accuses Gordhan, who is the minister of Public Enterprises which is in charge of Eskom, South African Airways and other state-owned companies of looting them with the intention of later privatising them.

However, the Western Cape High Court where the application was being made, did not wish to confirm whether or not an urgent application has been placed before it.    The newly-appointed spokesperson of the EFF, Vuyani Pambo, when asked whether they were aware of the move or not, asked to be given time to verify the information. He later did not pick up calls and did not respond to follow-up WhatsApp messages.


Cope leader Mosioua ‘Terror’ Lekota has warned the EFF that its plans to disrupt the State of the Nation Address was a bad idea.   The EFF announced at the weekend that it would disrupt President Cyril Ramaphosa’s SONA if he failed to fire Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan.

Lekota reminded the EFF that the prerogative to appoint Cabinet ministers rests with the president and not Parliament.    Speaking to Independent Media, Lekota said SONA was not a place to deal with other issues either than the president’s address.   “We will deal with it in the House, but it is not the time and the place to deal with that. Malema must know that removing a Cabinet minister is a prerogative of the president. However, SONA is not the place to deal with that,” said Lekota.

Lekota further said SONA had no time for entertaining disruptions.   Lekota had supported the EFF’s motion for former president Jacob Zuma not to address Parliament because he had broken his oath of office in 2017.    By 11am the EFF had not retracted its position to disrupt the SONA.    Earlier, the party had been slammed by other opposition parties, including the DA, IFP and ACDP, who were not in support of the EFF tactic to disrupt Ramaphosa.


Gordhan-EFF debacle is delaying President Cyril Ramaphosa’s State of the Nation Address.


The fifth SONA in democratic South Africa might be Mbete’s last as the Speaker of Parliament. The speaker, earlier in the week, reflected on a challenging five years at the helm of Parliament, noting the positives the House achieved under her tutelage in her Legacy Report.

SA: SONA 2019


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