Tito Mboweni … Makgatho


One side is the tiger and on the other darker side is Tito Mboweni’s, that turned of his lights and also decided to resign from social media ….. maybe he is looking for a “tiger” or his switches.      The Finance Minister Tito Mboweni wrote on Facebook on Wednesday morning  he “resigned” from social media.   His reason for his resignation is the amount of abuse on the social media platforms, but admit he will read the postings.   Did they ever tell the truth or know what to believe?

Mboweni ‘resigns’ from social media because of ‘abuse’

He said he will only re-post other intelligent offerings. It was good but the time has come to say Goodbye,” his message read.   About an hour after that, however, he was back to posting on Facebook, proving he did not take his own resignation very seriously.     He said he is back “again”.

He posted pictures and described a “very good meeting” with President Cyril Ramaphosa at his house to discuss the mid-term budget speech.

What “abuse” exactly the minister is referring to is unclear.

He will deliver the mid-term budget speech later on Wednesday, a difficult task which has been dubbed a “tightrope walk” on social media, and was also named in a sex scandal on Sunday, with Sunday World publishing what appeared to be private WhatsApp messages between “slay queen” Lerato Habiba Makgatho and Mboweni, as well as Minster of Mineral Resources and Energy Gwede Mantashe.

Both of the ministers are alleged to have slept with Makgatho. This has, however, escalated into far more of a scandal for Mantashe, who Sunday World said had responded to requests for comment by claiming he had already paid two journalists R70,000 to make the story disappear.

His department has since said he doesn’t deny having made such a claim, but does deny actually having paid any money to journalists.  While Mantashe is married, Mboweni is not, meaning the only repercussion of his involvement in the sex scandal will likely be embarrassment.




It’s alleged that Mantashe admitted to paying journalists a total of R70 000 in order to make the expose disappear. Further allegations claim that Mantashe was caught in a ‘political love triangle’ with Finance Minister Tito Mboweni. It’s been reported that both ministers were having an affair with Lerato Habiba Makgatho, who later bragged about the attention she was receiving.
Gwede Mantashe – Lerato Habiba Makgatho – Tito Mboweni

Is not going to disappear “uncles tiger and darkness”…   Makgatho told Sunday World she broke up with Mboweni because he was a “control freak”.     The soap opera doesn’t end there and it will go on.   Mantashe claims that he paid two Sunday World journalists R70,000 not to run with the story.      Sunday World editor and publisher Makhudu Sefara has urged Mantashe to name and shame the two journalists – and provide some receipts too.  On the other side of darkness,  Tito Mboweni’s switched off his lights.  Can you believe that, but not for very long.
Gwede Mantashe … Makgatho



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