Clifton South Africa

Kyk mooi na die foto’s wat in die artikels op Facebook verskyn – foto’s vertel hul eie verhaal wat aangaan,  Daar is vele gesigte en nog meer wat met gevoude arms staan en “monitor” soos ons nou al gewoond is aan die nuwe Suid-Afrika.  Die ironie is, heel later word alles ontken dat daar gekyk is en met gevoude arms gestaan is.  Iemand anders moet die blaam kry – vals vlaggie politiek waarin ons leef.   En is daar meer agter hierdie “wit skaap en bloed wat dit simboliseer” veral gesien in die lig van “heksery”…
1.   Look at the for this evidence: the private company, PPA, are wearing khaki pants and flack jackets… how many do you count?  2.   Who are the guys without flack jackets and dressed in blue?… drum roll…. they are official Law Enforcement. It’s right there in the media’s own photograph, yet they (the authorities and media) perpetrate the lie that it was private security steered only by residents.
How convenient to use this situation against whites in this country – nevermind the blood and white sheep (also against their own laws and by-laws), but they want to make use of their “spirits” (heksery) to sing to kill all the whites.

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Sangoma explains sheep slaughtering, cleansing at Clifton beach

Black People’s National Crisis Committee, slaughtered a sheep on the beach yesterday as part of their Reclaim Clifton Campaign.



Clifton – my statement

It is not enough to praise the efforts of the security initiatives along the Atlantic Seaboard — I would do it a disservice without first painting a context:

I am a 3rd Generation Cliftonite – my Grandfather came to Clifton as a Council employee with a spade and a gun to turn what was a campsite into a suburb.

In the 1990s I moved to America – where I discovered that I’m not American and not European. I’m African. Green Card be damned, I came home to be home.

The Cape Town I returned to was the place of my dreams.

Sadly, the plunder of national resources and mismanagement drove prosperity away and delivered desperation in its wake.
Politicians being politicians — particularly with an election year looming — are stooping deep into the sewer to feed irrational claims and unrealistic promises.
It is these things that have amplified pre-existing tensions and criminality to stratospheric levels.

The entire Atlantic Seaboard has been a stalwart seat of liberalism. Countless members of these communities fought tirelessly through the struggles against bigotry. Where there has been emigration from this region, the void has been filled by investors from the most liberal countries on earth.
Not a person in any of these communities fails to be horrified by atrocious living conditions and violence existing in other parts of the city.
Without complaint, we pay the highest rates in the country and on the continent and bleat not a word of resistance when all R88 in every R100 paid is used for the common good in more needy suburbs.

Against this backdrop of general sympathy for the plight of the poor and downtrodden, crime and anti-social behaviour in the extreme in our suburbs has steadily climbed. In response, we have made no concerted petition or demand to see more that the R12 in every R100 we pay spent to bolster our unloved and unrenovated Camps Bay SAPS station, built in the mid 1920’s broken down and inadequate as it is. We have reached into our own pockets to build an infrastructure capable of supporting our significant neighbourhood watch efforts.
We have poured effort and resources into social efforts to rehabilitate and re-unite street children and the homeless wherever we can.

By late summer and into autumn of 2018, reports of extreme intimidation of tourists and school children began flooding in. It seems that the gang wars in certain parts of the Cape Flats had driven a new group of desperados into living rough in and around our suburb by night, and variously begging and ‘hunting’ in packs of half a dozen, back and forth along our beachfront.

The easy and lucrative pickings of Pound, Dollar and Euro-rich tourists spanned the gamut of peddling extreme sympathy to knifepoint demands.
This orgy of threats and actual violence came to a peak with an attempted rape of a Swiss tourist adjacent to the High School at 15h00, an attempted abduction of a young girl divided from her family exiting a restaurant at twilight, and several other violent assaults.

Simultaneously, the beaches became a free-for-all with roving ice cream salesmen opening new product lines — “Castle Lite, Windhoek Lager…” became the standard cry. Unsurprisingly, with only 1 or 2 Law Enforcement officers allocated between 9h00am and 15h00 to a very long and busy coastline and a grossly understaffed and highly demotivated SAPS — bedlam ensued.

Forget the residents who are too fearful to shop in Camps Bay or walk down the stairs to their home… and forget the foreign tourists who unknowingly run the risk of a knifing and who often return home shaken and bruised from all-too-common assaults or emotional scars from witnessing rank insanity so normalised now… for get them. What about the honest, hard working ordinary folks from other parts of the city who come to the beach to escape the war zone that is their drug ravaged home… only to run into a version of it here.

Can there be no place that people can make a haven where the law abiding from anywhere else can take refuge?

Since 1991, at least — nearly 30 years / a whole generation — any citizen can go to any public place without harassment. This has been true of all of our beaches and beachfronts.
The aforementioned crime circumstances made it necessary to have certain unusual practices. Now, when I go down to the beach, my bag is regularly searched for alcohol or weapons.
I appreciate it.
I appreciate that by having my bag searched, I will not become a victim of the contents in someone else’s bag. This is an excellent tradeoff as far as I’m concerned.

Were I to see any hint of an official or other uniformed individual profiling or harassing someone from a marginalised background I would be the first there intercede. I say I would be the first there, but that is probably wrong because this community is alive with dyed in the wool “struggle stalwarts” who are hyper-vigilant against any hint of bigotry or unfairness.

And now I come to the inciting beach incident. On the weekends and days leading up to the day in question, 4th Beach had become a war zone.
I am a resident at 2nd Beach and so prefer the bigger waves directly in front of my home. On the day in question it sounded like a rock concert, the protracted cacophony so loud across the more than half a kilometre of distance I was from that action. As I understand it, with a virtual riot in full swing, the entire beach was evacuated. No profiling was done. Every person was sent packing in order to restore calm.

From my lounge window I could see at least a dozen and maybe twice that many blue police lights on the 4th Beach parking lot and I heard from our CPF that all branches of law enforcement and SAPS had taken matters in hand.
For the first time in a long time, the neighbours to the beaches had a night’s sleep and the dark pathways between the bungalows were without lurking dangers.
While this was going on across the bay, the other beaches of Clifton chock full of every race and nationality continued in blissful ignorance. There was no riot and therefore no need to move anyone along.

In the subsequent week, with PPA and other privately funded security initiatives, I have been able to walk along the beach by night, unafraid. In doing so, it is like stepping back five or ten years… I pass decent, cheerful and friendly couples and groups of all ages and all races, enjoying the night, the nature and perhaps an escape from violent streets that the city’s coffers or will can’t seem to tame.

Please – one and all – come to this beach any time of day or night — this is your right. But leave all anti social behaviour at the door – we ask for no special privilege and will stand for no racism or other abuse — we only want the law as it is written obeyed and applied.


Wie staan hier op die foto – lewensgroot – Is hulle bang of is hulle daar vir ‘n rede dat hulle as waarnemers waarneem wat aangaan?
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Michael Smorenburg News just in

Thank you Alderman JP Smith for taking the time to respond to Nadine, from our Atlantic Seaboard Action Group. Your response is valued and appreciated.

“”Good day
I am equally disgusted and angered by the cruel killing of an animal for political purposes. I tried very hard to ensure that City Law Enforcement would stop this act of cruelty and vulgar political gimmick. However, during public order policing situations, SAPS assume command over all policing staff on the scene. When I enquired from Law Enforcement staff last night why they had failed to uphold the by-laws, they explained that the sheep was carried in across the rocks from an adjacent beach and thus not spotted by them being brought down the stairs. Also, it appeared that the sheep was already dead.
When the staff moved towards the crowd surrounding the sheep, they discovered that the sheep was still alive (it appeared to have been wounded before, which speaks to the cruelty to animals charge) but could not recover the sheep from the crowd. I am informed that at that stage the matter was raised with General Jeremy Veary and other senior SAPS members who were on scene who then refused to allow the Law Enforcement staff to enforce the City by-laws claiming it would provoke violence from the crowd and that “it was their constitutional right”.
I believe that the senior SAPS official did not have the power to undermine City by-laws and prevent them from being implemented and should have acted to enforfe the by-laws which they are legally obliged to do.
The City is laying charges today against the senior SAPS member(s) who prevented us from enforcing the City by-laws and we are laying charges of animal cruelty against the well-known ANC and EFF activists involved in the slaughter of the sheep.
I am also informed that an animal rights activist was assaulted (struck in the face) by one of the protestors and that when she complained to SAPS they ignored her. I hope she will be filing charges””
Alderman JP Smith
Mayoral Committee Member: Safety and Security

important QUOTE

Clifton – Lies & disgrace


>>Well… they did it… carried a terrified sheep by its four hooves into a ululating mob and slit its throat in front of the Cape Town Mayor, dozens of SAPS and Law Enforcement – in direct contravention of the law.
A disgrace to be sure…/2018-12-28-sheep-slaughtered…/

I’m very sad today – seeing the worst of my country. Seeing the tragedy of how lies can galvanize people I love and turn them into savages.


Those watching South African media today will see a planned protest action on Clifton’s 4th beach for tonight – that will, reportedly, feature a cow being slaughtered.
(Why slaughter a cow? Because that is provocative in the extreme).

What is it all about?

Several weeks ago, at the start of our summer, after 20 years of beaches open to all and anyone till any time of night — without complaint, a very aggressive and dangerous mob began descending to the beach every weekend.

For ordinary law abiding citizens, residents and foreign visitors to this Blue Flag beach alike, the parking lots and stairways between the bungalows became a warren of crime, holdup, defalcation and urination, common assault and every other anti social behavior you can conceive.
Attempted (and perhaps rumours of actual) rapes and stabbings, gang fights and marauding drunks drove ordinary sober beach-goers away.
Regardless of what beach this happened on, anywhere in the country or the world, this cannot be allowed to continue.

Two emergency meetings were called at which the Atlantic Seaboard (now retired) Councillor and the heads of police, law enforcement, Community Watch, etc. attended.
Consensus was that a murder or other tragedy is inevitable.
That following Saturday, around sunset – the Saturday in question – the situation once again exploded out of control. The sheer din from the crowd could be heard across the bay. It was like a war zone.
Blue flashing light law enforcement branches arrived en masse – SAPS, Metro, Law Enforcement, Traffic. I counted at least a dozen and maybe more blue light vehicles. At least 20 or more members of all branches were in attendance.
PPA — the private security company that is now being thrown under the bus as if they alone perpetrated some illegal renegade action, were asked BY the state security detail to assist as the uniformed officers were understandably fearing for their lives – as many hands on deck for a show of force was absolutely necessary.

Now – if you doubt me on this point, please enlarge the attached photo — the primary photo being re-published across all medias.
1)Look at the picture for this evidence: the private company, PPA, are wearing khaki pants and flack jackets… how many do you count?
2) Who are the guys without flack jackets and dressed in blue?… drum roll…. they are official Law Enforcement. It’s right there in the media’s own photograph, yet they (the authorities and media) perpetrate the lie that it was private security steered only by residents.
How DARE they try to distance themselves from the situation?
No doubt the log books for SAPS and Law Enforcement will further bear out what I am saying.

Why are CoCT/DA throwing PPA under the bus and pretending that they knew nothing about it when they took part?
It’s a disgrace.


Now – that old useful tool – the screech of “Racism”.

I’d like to hear the charge loud and clear – 1 or 2?:

1) Are the rabble-rousers claiming that there was profiling going on? That only people of a certain race were targeted and asked to leave? (That would be a massive lie).

… it was effectively a riot… EVERYBODY was asked to leave. What else can you do with a riot on your hands?

2) So everybody left. Were they all one race? Is that why the claim is racism? If that is true, why was there only one race? Why had the other races abandoned the scene?

To the Media I say this:
What a disgrace how you have GROSSLY mischaracterized this non-issue (if it is an issue, it is an issue of criminality halted).
To what ends are you instigating it? Is your intent to foment more racial tension?
Whatever the beach it is that descends into lawlessness, is irrelevant.
Is it the wish of the media that public drinking en masse, disorderly conduct, slaughter of animals (as planned), knife wielding thuggery and unbridled anarchy can proceed without any check?
How about looking into the facts of a story – like, say, studying your own published photographs, before fanning the flames.

To the authorities I say this:
I appreciate that we are entering a voting year – is that why CoCT / DA are so cowardly in scapegoating out of it with PPA?

Where is the leadership?
Where is the decency?
Where is the courage to govern?

Yes – it is a voting year. Don’t forget it.




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