Koeberg Western Cape

Geen werkgewer in Suid-Afrika sit oornag sonder opgeleide tegnici of verloor hul persone met spesifieke ervarings binne 24 uur nie.  Indien dit wel so is, dan is daar fout, ook met Eskom en Koeberg.   Natuurlik kan mens ervaring en opgeleide persone nie binne 24 uur vervang nie, maar indien persone bedank het, êrens oorsee 'n… Continue reading Koeberg Western Cape

Tremor – KZN-Durban-South Coast-Lesotho – 31 October 2019

  Durban, South Coast and Lesotho residents report having experienced a tremor which some say lasted for 15 seconds at about 1.20pm this afternoon.    Reports on social media are flooding in with calls also being made to the Courier questioning exactly what the ‘shake’ was.    According to information being circulated online, the tremor was felt as far… Continue reading Tremor – KZN-Durban-South Coast-Lesotho – 31 October 2019