RBM – Rehabilitation (mining)

Eight years ago, Richards Bay Minerals abandoned separate plans to mine on the periphery of the reserve – exactly the same piece of land that has now been targeted for heavy minerals exploration.     A national coalition of environmental groups, including the former iSimangaliso Wetland Park chief executive Andrew Zaloumis, has lodged strong objections to… Continue reading RBM – Rehabilitation (mining)

RBM – Richards Bay – rehabilitation

Mining and rehabilitation take place concurrently, as close to a 1:1 ratio as possible, ensuring that we minimise exposure of land to mining activities at any given time. This allows areas behind the mine to begin to recover as the mine proceeds northwards.   The extent of rehabilitation activity is therefore dependent on the amount of… Continue reading RBM – Richards Bay – rehabilitation

Regreening deserts and ecosystems

This is not only a dream, but various places on earth show what have been done on rehabilitation of ecosystems.  A main component of desert greening is the planting of trees.  Trees store water, raise water from underlying aquifers, reduce evaporation after a rain, attract animals (and thereby fertility through feces), and they can cause… Continue reading Regreening deserts and ecosystems