RBM – Richards Bay – rehabilitation

Mining and rehabilitation take place concurrently, as close to a 1:1 ratio as possible, ensuring that we minimise exposure of land to mining activities at any given time. This allows areas behind the mine to begin to recover as the mine proceeds northwards.   The extent of rehabilitation activity is therefore dependent on the amount of land made available by mining activities.

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Our rehabilitation programme aims to restore onethird of the land affected by our mining operation to indigenous vegetation typical of the region, while commercial forestry is re-established on the remainder of the land. This component is run in
conjunction with the Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF), and annually returns approximately 80 hectares of harvest-ready timber to DAFF for harvest by the Mbonambi (55 hectares) and Sokhulu (25 hectares) communities.

To date, we have committed over 1,000 hectares for the restoration of coastal dune forests. Drawing on over 20 years of peer-reviewed research on dune rehabilitation by the University of Pretoria’s Conservation Ecology Research Unit, we let indigenous ecological processes drive the forest development – only interfering to control unnatural disturbances, such as fires, grazing cattle and to remove invasive exotic plants.

Click to access 2014_RBM_Sustainable_Development_Report_En.pdf


Richards Bay Minerals (RBM) was founded in 1976 and is a subsidiary company of Rio Tinto Group in South Africa. The company is owned by the Rio Tinto Group who have a 74% in the company, followed by Blue Horizon Investments who own a 24% share and RBM permanent employees who own the remaining 2%
Rio Tinto Richards Bay – RBM

KwaZulu-Natal based Richards Bay Minerals, a subsidiary of international mining corporation Rio Tinto, halted operations last week in the wake of mounting violence in surrounding communitites which saw one worker shot and injured.
Richards Bay – KZN – Richards Bay Minerals violence

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