Colombian Flowers, Orchids and Butterflies

Colombia is rich in different flowers and orchids; the richest in the world with nearly 4,270 species known!   The reason it’s so hyper-diverse is due largely to the montane areas like the Andean Cordillera.   Such chain of mountains is the home of a diverse set of environments, including lowland dry forests, wet forests, and cloud forests (yes, that’s real!)… Continue reading Colombian Flowers, Orchids and Butterflies

Orchids – Dendrophylax lindenii – Peristeria elata – Habenaria radiata

  Rare and beautiful Orchids Ghost orchids are found in Florida and Cuba, and there are only about 2,000 ghost orchids in the state. As few as 10 percent of them flower each year during an unpredictable window in the summer. The plant has no leaves, consisting of green roots that cling to the bark… Continue reading Orchids – Dendrophylax lindenii – Peristeria elata – Habenaria radiata