Colombia – A Rainbow river

The Caño Cristales, a 62-mile river, is a unique biological wonder also known as the ‘Liquid Rainbow’ and the ‘The Most Beautiful River in the World’ for its fusion of vibrant colors. This jaw-dropping phenomenon only occurs during certain months of the year – and can be seen nowhere else on earth but here. It has also been… Continue reading Colombia – A Rainbow river

Colombian Flowers, Orchids and Butterflies

Colombia is rich in different flowers and orchids; the richest in the world with nearly 4,270 species known!   The reason it’s so hyper-diverse is due largely to the montane areas like the Andean Cordillera.   Such chain of mountains is the home of a diverse set of environments, including lowland dry forests, wet forests, and cloud forests (yes, that’s real!)… Continue reading Colombian Flowers, Orchids and Butterflies