Lead contaminaton – Notre-Dame

Paris authorities closed two schools Thursday amid fears over high levels of lead detected after the devastating fire that ravaged Notre-Dame cathedral in April.   Environmental groups warned soon after the disaster that 300 tonnes of lead in the historic church’s roof had gone up in flames, posing health risks to residents in the area, and… Continue reading Lead contaminaton – Notre-Dame

15 April 2019 – Notre Dame – Paris

Different pages, dramatic photos and media described the Notre Dame's disaster.  The fire that broke out at Notre Dame Cathedral, destroying the roof and causing the spire to collapse in front of horrified onlookers, is the lead story on the front pages in both France and the UK today.   We lead with the French papers, which devote… Continue reading 15 April 2019 – Notre Dame – Paris

Notre Dame –

  With tears in his eyes, Macron said that "the worst has been avoided" thanks to the work of firefighters who battled for hours to save the Gothic cathedral's two towers and facade.    The 41-year-old president described the 850-year-old monument at the heart of Paris as "the epicentre of our life" and the cathedral of… Continue reading Notre Dame –

Notre Dame – two fires?

By Kyle Olson, The American Mirror, April 15, 2018: A whole lot of people with Arab [Muslim] names are finding the historic Notre Dame ablaze very funny.    Twitter user Damien Rieu posted a video showing the amount of people responding to a video of the Paris church with a “laughing” face emoji. “Allah est grand,” Mohamed Mouara… Continue reading Notre Dame – two fires?

Notre-Dame fire – Paris (France)

The roof of Paris' Notre Dame Cathedral collapsed Monday as a massive fire ripped through the structure.   The city's mayor and firefighters warned people to stay away from the area. There have been no confirmed deaths, according to Paris police, while a French government official said no injuries had yet been reported.    President Emmanuel Macron… Continue reading Notre-Dame fire – Paris (France)

Notre Dame – Paris (France)

Notre Dame cathedral is burning in Paris, Monday, April 15, 2019. Massive plumes of yellow brown smoke is filling the air above Notre Dame Cathedral and ash is falling on tourists and others around the island that marks the center of Paris. (AP Photo/Lori Hinant) View from the top of the Paris' Notre Dame Cathedral… Continue reading Notre Dame – Paris (France)

Notre Dame – Paris

  The church was undergoing restorations. Images on social media show smoke and flames shooting from the top of Notre Dame. The fire may be connected to the recent restoration of the church, officials said.  Notre-Dame was in the midst of renovations, with some sections under scaffolding, while bronze statues were removed last week for… Continue reading Notre Dame – Paris

Notre Dame, Paris, on fire

  Footage posted online shows a large fire engulfing the upper part of the cathedral, with the flames licking around its two bell towers.    A major operation was under way, the fire department added, while a city hall spokesman said on Twitter that the area was being cleared. En hier in Suid-Afrika brand ons kerke… Continue reading Notre Dame, Paris, on fire