Notre Dame – two fires?

By Kyle Olson, The American Mirror, April 15, 2018:
A whole lot of people with Arab [Muslim] names are finding the historic Notre Dame ablaze very funny.    Twitter user Damien Rieu posted a video showing the amount of people responding to a video of the Paris church with a “laughing” face emoji.

“Allah est grand,” Mohamed Mouara commented at the sight.   The reporter cites French outlet LCI claiming there were TWO fires.

Notredame 2 fires


850-year old Catholic cathedral #NotreDame burns to the ground | muslims celebrate online #SSPX #Catholic

A jewel of the Catholic world which has stood for over 800 years is burning to the ground.  Notre Dame is burning to the ground as we speak.  The “powers that be” in France want everyone to know it was an “accident” due to “renovations.”

Christopher Hale a reporter for Time tweeted out that a Jesuit priest who works at Notre Dame has said flatly that it was not an accident, it was intentionally set.  After facing some type of influence Christopher Hale deleted his tweet.  Yet Paul Joseph Watson screen captured it before it was deleted.

This would not be the first times muslims have attacked Notre Dame.  In 2017 Muslims tried to take a police officers weapon to murder Catholics worshiping in Notre Dame.  In 2016 muslims attempted to bomb Notre Dame.  Also in 2016 a car loaded with gas canisters was found near Notre Dame.

Saint Sulpice church in Paris was deliberately set on fire earlier this year.  If this was happening to historically Black Churches in the US, it would be front page news.  But liberal, lying, legacy media downplayed the lost of that Catholic treasure from the old world.

And we of course remember Father Jacques Hamel, a 90 year old priest had his head cut off by a Muslim immigrant who was standing on the altar.  The two muslims terrorist then spent some “quality time” with two nuns and two other parishioners who were attending Mass and didn’t run fast enough.

850-year old Catholic cathedral #NotreDame burns to the ground | muslims celebrate online #SSPX #Catholic


Notre Dame – Paris (France)

Notre-Dame fire – Paris (France)

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