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Who was Mandela’s friends and helpers during the so-called apartheid, which the British and black/khoisan created after Mfecane wars.   They have implemented the apartheid system in all the colonies of the British empire – not Dr Verwoerd, not us.     Dr Verwoerd did not implemented it, because segregation was already there in the name of British Crownland and Reserves.  It was changed under Verwoerd to give all of them independent countries like Botswana is today.   That was in line with international law that all people have an international right to rule themselves in their own areas and country.  They have all general elections to vote for their own leaders, have a choice of flags, emblems and national songs.   Regarding “walls” – to put a wall on borders, does not mean that it is “apartheid”, it is mostly on security reasons.  Other African countries do have wall on their borders.   The EU countries also have controlled borders – China as well.   Why can countries not decide to control their borders with walls?


SOME MIGHT call Nathan Kirsh the ‘George Soros of Africa,’ yet another international, state-less billionaire Jew who funds radical, anti-White “socialist” causes, , such as South Africa’s Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) lead by Julius Malema, while his family also exerts enormous control over Primedia, the largest media conglomerate in South Africa:


Two opposition parties EFF and the Democratic Alliance (DA) together with the DA’s MP Advocate Glynnis Breytenbach, are being funded by Nathan Kirsh, the director and owner of Israel’s Magal Security Systems which is complicit in the construction of Israel’s ‘apartheid’ wall.

Lord Renwick of Clifton who is a friend of Kirsh met the EFF in London in 2015.   It should be noted that the Breytenbach case was funded through the FW de Klerk Foundation — a foundation of Mr de Klerk, South Africa’s last apartheid President.   Kirsh thought such an ingenious funding of Breytenbach will not be detected. Moreover, cases against the government are funded through endowment funds from Kirsh,  Lord Renwick and George Soros.

It should be clear now why the EFF is ganging up with the DA in hung metros of JHB and Tshwane.Nathan Kirsh left South Africa in 1986 to settle in Swaziland in the mid-1980s. At the time of his departure he had benefitted greatly from so-called apartheid. He is now a resident of New York and London where he is teamimg up with Lord Renwick a blesser of the EFF who is hell-bent on pushing regime change in Southern Africa.     

Magal Security Systems was founded in 1969 as a department of the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).

In 1984 Magal Security Systems was established as a private company, with some shares still held by IAI but with 24.2% of Magal Security System shares being held by Nathan Kirsh, through holdings in Mira Mag and KiCorporation, both of the companies are registered in Liberia.

The 24.2% stake in Magal Security Systems makes Nathan Kirsh its largest shareholder, Kirsh is also the Director of the company.   Nathan Kirsh’s Magal Security Systems in September 2002 won 80% of the tenders (totalling 19 million USD) published by the Israeli Ministry of Defence to install detection systems along 150 KM of Israel’s ‘apartheid’ wall in the Israeli Occupied Palestinian West Bank.

Israel’s ‘Apartheid’ Wall was deemed illegal by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in 2004 thus making Magal Security Systems and its Director, Nathan Kirsch, complicit in criminal activity.

Following the 2004 ruling by the ICJ, two Danish companies, the Danske Bank and the Pensioner Bank (PKA) both decided to withdraw all investments from Magal Security System.

Meet the Jewish Billionaire Who Controls the Media and ‘Opposition’ Parties in South Africa


Wat het Kodesa, die onderhandelings voor 1994, politieke party, parlement van Suid-Afrika, wetgewing en selfs die grondwet in gemeen met mekaar?    Hulle word deur spesifieke organisasies en indiwidue, spesifieke joodse kommuniste gefinansier – lyk “wit” maar nie regtig nie – sommige wat plaaslik is, kan en mag wel Afrikaans praat, maar nie almal nie.   Daar is oorsese organisasies soos veral George Soros se Cato Instituut en Open Society Foundation (SA) – Lees meer op die blog hieroor.     


Please note what are some of their “goals” and “purposes”

Hulle verwoes alle volke se identiteite, hul waardesisteme, geskiedenis, kultuur, taal, tradisies en etnisiteit word met kommunistiese laserstrale verwoes. Soms is dit pynloos, aanvaarding deur veral jongeres omdat daar ander lokaas is, maar in die proses verloor ‘n volk basies meer as wat hulle besef aan die einde.

Cultural Marxism, the Frankfurt school 11 point plan to destroy society, the kalergi plan, the protocols of zion, communism, feminism, LGBT agenda, miscegenation, a racial program for the 20th century etc, etc. All are Jewish constructs and can only be described as evil. Below is the Frankfurt school 11 point plan to destroy society created by a group of Jewish intellectuals in the 1930’s and out of which was born cultural Marxism.

Communism:   Bolshevisme – Kalergi


The 2019 UK Sunday Times Rich List pointed to several local billionaires who call the United Kingdom home, and who aren’t tracked by Forbes – including South African/Swazi businessman Nathan Kirsh, Manfred Gorvy, Douw Steyn among others.  Cyril Ramaphosa is a wealthy man, there’s no secret there. However many South Africans aren’t fully aware of just how rich the nation’s leader truly is. Ramaphosa claimed that the majority of the nation’s wealth lies in the hands of predominately white men.  Not necessarily white men …

Black billionaires and millionaires – SA


To enter illegally any home to steal, attack, kill or rape are also unconstitutional  – Breytenbach, spokesperson of the DA must read her so-called constitution about lives that have been taken away in South Africa – if you supported any criminal, you are also unconstitutional.   Read the Bill of rights – citizens have also rights.

Dis nie net gevangenisse wat benadeel word nie, maar duidelik word daar beter na misdadigers omgesien as burgers van Suid-Afrika. Denkwyse van politieke partye is dat misdadigers op troontjies geplaas word en nie onderworpe is aan wet en orde nie. Hul kry reeds byvoordele wat slagoffers nie kry nie – gratis voedsel, mediese sorg, huisvesting, opvoeding, besighede en hul betaal zero daarvoor. DA was behulpsaam om die beste regte vir prisoniers te verkry in parlement – beter as slagoffers van moorde en plaasmoorde.

Prisoners and their human rights


Waar is die ongrondwetlike reg teen swart bemagtiging teenoor blankes wat deur die DA ondersteun word?   Verseker is dit menseregteskendings.

DA justice spokesperson Glynnis Breytenbach said the president’s remarks were cause for concern and of a similar nature to those by Justice Minister Ronald Lamola last week. He suggested that Cabinet should discuss a return of the death penalty.

Unconstitutional rights of prisoners – Breytenbach (DA)

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