Korrupsie in EU parlement

*Korrupsie vind regdeur alle kontinente plaas, nie net in Suid-Afrika nie, maar ook in die EU parlement.   Heelwat mede kollegas op so 'n hoë vlak leef lank in ontkenning en dan word sommige totaal uitgevang,   Die ondersoek het glo 'n paar maande geduur en gaan steeds voort.   Natuurlik was dit vir heelwat 'n ontnugtering en… Continue reading Korrupsie in EU parlement

Brexit – Nigel Farage

The Telegraph hosted Nigel Farage and Vince Cable for an exclusive European elections debate on Wednesday morning. The two candidates went head-to-head to argue why you should be voting for the Brexit Party or the Liberal Democrats to shape the UK's future in Europe in tomorrow's elections. read about: Theresa May – Brexit *** Feb… Continue reading Brexit – Nigel Farage

Brittanje – “British Brexit”

  MPs have rejected Theresa May’s EU withdrawal agreement on the day the UK was due to leave the EU.   The government lost by 344 votes to 286, a margin of 58.   It means the UK has missed an EU deadline to delay Brexit to 22 May and leave with a deal. The prime minister… Continue reading Brittanje – “British Brexit”