Bushfires and Arson – Australia

  There are, on average, 62,000 fires in Australia every year. Only a very small number strike far from populated areas and satellite studies tell us that lightning is responsible for only 13 per cent. Not so the current fires threatening to engulf Queensland and NSW. There were no lightning strikes on most of the… Continue reading Bushfires and Arson – Australia

Australia fires – State of Disaster

  Bushfires raging across Australia have burned more than 12 million acres—an area approximately the size of the U.S. states of Vermont and New Hampshire combined. The smoke from the blazes in the southwest of the country is visible from space, and it is spreading so far that it is causing haze in New Zealand more… Continue reading Australia fires – State of Disaster

Bushfires in Australia

  Pray for the people of Australia.   There are more than one million hectares of land have been devastated by fire in this fire season alone. A state of emergency has been declared in Australia over escalating wildfires. David Elliott, the New South Wales minister for police and emergency services said the country faced what… Continue reading Bushfires in Australia