Vanuit die ooste word waargeneem daar is sprake van ‘n moontlike inval betrokke?   Probeer China om Taiwan met “magsvertoon” of “magsbeheer” te bedreig of is dit iets anders?    Verskeie lande het dit erken dat Taiwan ten volle soewerein is.   Lande kan tog nie hul stemme herroep vir die onafhanklikheid van ‘n land nie.   China reken dat Taiwan nie onafhanklikheid geniet nie.  Met China se militêre bedrywighede is dit of magsvertoon of uitlokking vir ‘aanvalle’.


Indien die situasie omgekeer word…

Indien China dieselfde militêre magsbeheer taktiek uitvoer oor Amerika, Rusland, Frankryk of selfs Engeland, of enige ander onafhanklike land, sal dit dalk nie so vriendelik hanteer word soos wat Taiwan die situasie met China hanteer het nie.  Hoekom moet groot lande of enige ander land, kleiner volke of lande bedreig?

Indien Taiwan soveel magsvertoon oor China uitvoer, sal China beslis nie agteroorsit en stilbly hieroor nie.  Nog minder sal Amerika, Rusland of Engeland dit doen.  Groot supermoondhede wat goed en beter ontwikkel is, moenie dink dat kleiner lande of volke nie kan terugveg nie.   Dis onmenslik wreed indien sterk lande kleiner lande dreig en selfs probeer binneval.   Indien Taiwan dieselfde hoeveelhede lugvaart oor China stuur en dit aanvoer as militêre oefeninge, sal China dit nie aflag as ‘normaal’ nie.  Ook nie Amerika, Rusland of Engeland nie.  Indien een onafhanklike land ‘n andere binneval en militêr probeer oorneem, is dit niks anders as ‘n geweldadige en militêre inval nie om mense se vryheid te steel nie.


Turn the situation around…

If China implements the same military power control tactics over America, Russia, France or even England, or any other independent country, it may not be treated as kindly as Taiwan has handled all the threats from China.

If Taiwan showed off so much power over China, China will certainly not sit back and keep quiet about it.   Neither any other country.  The superpowers that are well and better developed must not think that smaller countries or peoples cannot fight back. If Taiwan sends the same amount of aviation over China and cites it as military exercises, China will not see it as ‘normal’.  Is that fair? nobody forced their power or will onto China or any other country to take over such countries.   That is invasion to take those people’s freedom away.


An independent nation deserves a place on the global stage.

Taiwan is the only developed country in the world right now where all schools are open, and one of the very few where professional baseball, basketball, and soccer are being played, though behind closed doors.



Currently fifteen states recognise Taiwan as the ROC (and thus do not have official relations with Beijing): Belize, Guatemala, Haiti, Holy See, Honduras, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Nicaragua, Palau, Paraguay, St Lucia, St Kitts and Nevis, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Swaziland and Tuvalu.


On the island Taiwan

Ros Atkins examines why tensions between China and Taiwan have increased over recent weeks.


Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-Wen responded defiantly to President Xi Jinping’s vow to reunify with China, saying the island will not be forced to bow to China and will bolster military defenses. Tension reached historic highs in the past week when China sent nearly 150 warplanes into Taiwan’s air defense zone.


Tensions between China and Taiwan are being described as the worst in decades. This after Beijing ordered dozens of warplanes to fly repeatedly over Taiwan’s air defense zone, prompting accusations of intimidation. China’s head of state, Xi Jinping, warned ominously that, as he put it: “It has never ended well for those who betray the motherland.” The US, meanwhile, has warned China against any further provocation.


As tensions soar between Taiwan and China, the Taiwanese army staged a mega show of its military power on Island’s National Day. Taiwan army conducted a military drill and displayed its fighter aircraft, tanks, guns and artillery. The military muscle-flexing by Taiwan comes in the wake of Chinese air intrusion and Jinping’s threat of reunifying the Island with China. Taiwan has already made it clear that it won’t bow to the Chinese pressure and threats.


Satellite images have revealed China is upgrading and reinforcing its airbases facing towards Taiwan along its southeastern coast, indicating Beijing may be stepping up its plans to take the island by force.


Despite China’s increasingly aggressive behaviour both at home and abroad, Beijing’s open threat to take control of Taiwan by force is receiving comparatively little attention – leaving this flourishing liberal democracy uniquely isolated and vulnerable. The threat may be far more imminent than many imagine.

According to Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu “the Chinese authoritarian leaders may find Taiwan as a convenient scapegoat. Therefore Taiwan needs to be doubly concerned about a possible Chinese use of force against us.”


On 1 October 2021, the country’s national day, China flew 38 aircraft, including fighter jets and bombers, towards Taiwan .  They entered the island’s Air Defence Identification Zone, a buffer region where intrusions often prompt military alerts. It was the year’s daily record. Over the next three days China sent another 111 planes. In response, Taiwan scrambled jets, broadcast warnings and tracked the Chinese aircraft with missile systems. The island’s defence minister, Chiu Kuo-cheng, called it “the toughest situation I have seen in more than 40 years of my military life”.




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