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A resident claimed that a man died of the coronavirus in a hospital in Cape Town’s Bellville suburb. The accused medical centre, Louis Leipoldt Mediclinic, says this is not true.   In a tweet, Twitter user @MarkSmit222 alleged that his colleague’s friend, who is an employee of Chinese company ZTE, died at 1pm on Friday, February 7 at the hospital.  Some other media said it is false… and what if it is not false?    Some information on a discussion also said there were two cases in KZN but the state hospitals said both were positive that it was only false alarms … what if it is not?   Protect yourself, your family and your neighbours and families.

#Timelines! By the time the late #SteveGouws died & was tested at Louis Leipoldt medi-clinic on 7Feb2020 in Bellville, the #SouthAfrican authorities had not yet received the #CoronaVirus test kits... -


Tref genoeg voorsorg vir gesin en lees op oor die simptome !!!  Hier word ‘n paar gedeeltes geplaas van twitter en artikels oor die “negatiewe” toetse.    Is daar wel genoegsame voorsorg en hoe sal ons weet of die “toetse” regtig egte toetse is/was?

Daar word ook genoem dat sekere toetse wat uitgevoer moes word, nog nie beskikbaar was in die land nie.  Soos die geval in Nigerie, wat die persoon heelwat rondgereis het voor hy siek geword het.

Niemand word selde of onmiddellik siek nie en dit hang alles van elkeen se eie gesondheid af.  Hoeveel om hom is besmet ?   Dalk het van die mense wat aangesteek is, uitgewyk na ander stede of lande.

Hierdie is nie om vrees te skep nie, maar tref eie voorbereidings.   Wees oplettend nes beveiliging.


It was explained on twitter

“My good friend’s colleague, Steve Gouws, working at international Chinese company, ZTE, Cape Town, South Africa died at 1pm today after being exposed to another colleague who returned from China last week. Hospital refused to say coronavirus. They claim it’s swine flu (sic)”.







The African Union’s (AU) Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) will provide additional training on coronavirus detection in South Africa next week.

Over 1,000 people have died and at least 42,000 were infected since the outbreak was detected in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December.

Test kits to detect the virus were already sent to countries like Iran, Cameroon, Egypt, and Uganda.

WHO director-general Tedros Ghebreyesus said the African CDC last week trained 12 countries in Senegal making use of test kits provided by the global health body.

“Further training will take place in South Africa next week. The WHO will continue to work with all the countries to detect rapidly new cases of the coronavirus and to save lives,” Ghebreyesus said.


According to Smit, the hospital’s claims that the man died of swine flu and not the coronavirus are false.   Many Twitter users were concerned, and Smit’s Tweet received a huge number of responses leading him to elaborate on his initial Tweet.   In his second tweet, Smit called out South Africa’s airports for not doing proper checks as travelers arrive from foreign countries, especially China.

“My tweet was not to create fear but create awareness. Proper screening precautions are not done at airports as is done in other countries. Also, people have the right to know where this person died. It was Mediclinic Louis Leipoldt in Bellville, Cape Town,” the tweet read.

Since then, the accused Mediclinic has refuted Smit’s claim, saying no cases of the coronavirus have been confirmed in Cape Town.   “We would like to provide the reassurance that, in strict accordance with the protocols, Mediclinic Southern Africa has implemented the necessary measures to manage any patients presenting with symptoms and to prevent the potential transmission of the virus in our facilities,” the hospital group said.

According to the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD), 61 patients have been tested in South Africa but all tested negative for the virus.   While the local hospital says the accusation is unfounded, some Twitter users, along with Smit, believe they may be covering the incident up to prevent widespread panic and keep the public in the dark.


Two cases that exhibited Coronavirus symptoms have come back negative after lab tests.

IN a statement to the media, the KwaZulu-Natal Health Department slammed false reports that the Coronavirus had broken out in KZN.

While MEC for the department, Nomagugu Simelane-Zulu called the claims “false, irresponsible, and sensationalist” she confirmed that the department is aware of two cases that exhibited symptoms that were “not dissimilar” to those of Coronavirus.

“These were subsequently found to be false alarms after laboratory tests were conducted,” she said.

The department pointed out that at the moment, there is no laboratory confirmation of the virus for the above-mentioned cases.


In a bid to keep the virus at bay, South Africa has developed and distributed clinical guidelines and case definitions to doctors and nurses in both the public and private sectors.    THE National Health Department says while there is no cause for panic with the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus in China, it has beefed up surveillance at the country’s ports of entry.
 SA beefs up surveillance amid Coronavirus outbreak


“As a precaution, one case is being handled by the department at one of its facilities, while the other one is currently being managed by a private healthcare facility in Durban. The Department can confidently state that there are no confirmed cases because even in the cases in question, neither of the patients presented with symptoms after 14 days of the incubation period for coronavirus,” said Simelane-Zulu.

The Department is monitoring the treatment and management of these patients closely, in accordance with the extensive stringent measures and protocols that have been put in place as announced by the National Department of Health.

KZN coronavirus claims refuted after clear lab results



Two suspected cases of the deadly coronavirus have been detected in KwaZulu-Natal.

Provincial health department spokesperson Noluthando Nkosi confirmed the two cases on Thursday evening.

“At the moment, there is no laboratory confirmation of the virus for the above-mentioned cases.”

Nkosi said one case was being handled at a state facility, while the other was being managed by a private hospital in Durban.

“The department is monitoring the treatment and management of these patients quite closely.”

Members of the public will be duly notified of any new developments.”

Nkosi appealed for calm and asked that the public not be misled by false statements doing the rounds on social media.


The Witness believes that a 28-year-old man from the King Cetshwayo District was transferred to Grey’s Hospital on Monday after he developed a high fever and other symptoms consistent with a respiratory disease, which has killed more than 500 people since November.

According to an e-mail sent to staff at Grey’s, which has been seen by The Witness, the teacher travelled to Hangzhou in China and returned home on January 18.

He was admitted to Eshowe Hospital before being transferred to Grey’s Hospital.

“He became sick on February 2 with a sore throat, fever, cough and runny nose. Temperature is normal. There was no contact with any confirmed case. Specimens were collected. Awaiting results,” read the e-mail.


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