Soros fingers on the “gun” legislation in SA


Gun Free South Africa (GFSA) was founded in 1995 by Bishop Peter Storey. Their initial aims were to “reduce gun-related violence” in South Africa. They were fundamental to the creation of the Firearms Control Act of 2000, which became law in mid-2004. They claim to represent the voice of the “unarmed majority” against the machinations of the so-called “gun lobby”.
Image result for Gun Free South Africa (GFSA) was founded in 1995 by Bishop Peter ... (ISS) are all beneficiaries of a common charity owned by George Soros



Maak die webtuiste van die parlement en grondwet oop en kyk wie is die hooffinansiers van die SA parlement, alle wetgewing (Swart bemagtiging en onteiening ingesluit) en sogenaamde klassieke/liberale-kommunistiese grondwet – George Soros en sy OSF.SA.   Hy is nie alleen aandadig aan ons ondergang nie – wie het die vorige regering gedwing tot oorgawe in 1994 – en nee, daar was geen mandaat gewees daarvoor nie.   De Klerk, sy blanke broederbond en liberale meesters, die grondwetskrywers is aandadig aan die gemors waarmee ons sit op die oomblik.


There are various groups of political parties and also sponsors involved in this building.  More sponsors than you can think, involved in this small country with so much minerals to take away.    The main building and the website will tell their own story of what it is about and who the government received money from … communists like George Soros do have a huge impact on our communities and even revolutions that take place here.
Suid-Afrika Parlement /South Africa Parliament


Parliament said the amendment of the Constitution to allow for land expropriation without compensation will happen whether people are opposed to it or not.
Grondwet SA Constitution


Met wie was daar destyds onderhandel vir hierdie boekie wat ‘n Grondwet (sogenaamde demokrasie) genoem word en hoeveel demokrasie is in hierdie boekie vervat?   “bolsjevisme” – verwys na die ANC se radikale manifesto van 1955.  Wie was die voorsitter van die komitees en ook ander komitees?
Codesa Constitution – Kodesa Grondwet


Diegene wat die land oorhandig het is deel van die foto’s, daar is heelwat ander ook.   Dis hulle wat die land in chaos en rewolusie laat verval het.   Die aanvoorwerk is in Dakar en in Amerika begin deur die Broederbond lede in 1982 sowel 1986-1992.   Elke liberaal kon nie wag om op die vliegtuig te klim daar na Dakar toe, gefinansier deur George Soros.  Daarna is dit sonder enige mandaat aan die kommuniste oorhandig.   Dis hulle wat die “grondwet” geskryf het.
Kodesa – “liberale en kommunistiese grondwet skrywers”


Daar volg na 1994 ‘n hele paar sulke besettings en gebeurtenisse, maar wat maak hierdie een “spesiaal”?   Dis heel toevallig dat dit juis Soros was wat die Kodesa grondwetskrywery befonds het, wat ook hierin betrokke was – let op, is een van die finansiers, daar is ander ook.  Die hele agterhoede van finansiers wat by die “grondwet-kodesa-parlement” betrokke is, is ook hierby betrek.  Daar is nog ander vele sulke organisasies.     Soros, his agents and organisations are very very busy in South Africa.
Soros bedrywig in Suid-Afrika




Article done during December 2017 by Paratus.

Gun Free South Africa is an enigmatic entity. They are a registered non-profit organisation, and they have an extensive board of directors with varied backgrounds. So far, so normal for an NGO. When one starts looking into their financing, and the activities of their board members, things become considerably more intriguing.

A major GFSA policy position is their allegation that civilians are the most important source of guns for criminals. They therefore argue for the severe curtailment and restriction of civilian firearm ownership. Although they do not explicitly state their ultimate aim of an entirely gun-free South Africa, it does not require extensive mental gymnastics to reach such a conclusion. GFSA also claim that they enjoy widespread public support. I have been unable to find any evidence in support of this assertion, and it seems GFSA infer that they are acting on behalf of people who have never canvassed for them.

Who runs and supports Gun Free South Africa?

The Gun Free South Africa board comprises several people with external interests:

  • Ronald Menoe: Head of Stakeholder Management, Corruption Watch
  • Angelica Pino: Programme Director Community Action and Knowledge Management, Sonke Gender Justice
  • Richard Matzopoulos: Specialist Scientist, Burden of Disease Research Unit, Medical Research Council
  • Adele Kirsten: Works for the Institute of Security Studies (ISS)

GFSA, Corruption Watch, Sonke Gender Justice, and the ISS are all beneficiaries of a common charity: the Open Society Foundation of South Africa (OSF-SA).

The OSF-SA is affiliated with the Open Society Foundations (OSF), which is headquartered in New York. Billionaire George Soros founded the OSF in 1993, and it has presence in over 100 countries worldwide.

A collaboration between a diverse group of individuals in pursuit of a common goal is not an unexpected observation. This is after all the very nature of an NGO. But it is telling that so many of the organisations associated with GFSA board members are OSF-SA beneficiaries. Again, it may be purely coincidental that this is the case, but it is highly unlikely. As we will see, the Gun Free South Africa has deep ties with the OSF.

Additionally, Natalie Jaynes, who is the former National Director of GFSA (a position she held for 7 months), is the current Director of Learning and Grant Making at the OSF in New York. So, here is another GFSA director who is not only linked to the OSF, but who actually holds a fairly prominent leadership position within the structures of that charity.

Gun Free South Africa – Who are they and what are their aims?


So-called democracy of Soros


Donors who support GFSA and its projects

The Southern Africa Trust made only one donation to GFSA ever, which was $116 000 in 2006. They have made no further subsequent  donations.

The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust have also not made any explicit donations to GFSA since 2012, and likely not since long before even then.

During 2010 and 2011 several organisations donated to GFSA, including the Gauteng Department of Community Safety and the Embassy of Finland.

The 2014 and 2015 financial years also provided an interesting array of donors. The annual report states as follows: “This includes financial support from the Open Society Foundation for South Africa and GFSA’s anonymous benefactor, as well as donations by Y&R Advertising, Read Hope Phillips, Howard Varney…”

Now, the infamous “If your stolen gun was there, so were you” advertisement was developed for GFSA (allegedly pro bono) by Y&R Advertising in 2014 or 2015. This represents a significant financial commitment. It therefore serves to explain part of the sizeable spike in reported donations GFSA received in the applicable financial years.

Read Hope Phillips not only donated to GFSA, but also acted as their legal representation against SAGA (SA Gunowners Association). The latter took GFSA to task via the Advertising Standards Authority over the aforementioned Y&R advertisement. As of 1 November 2016, Read Hope Phillips were fully acquired by PwC, and ceased to exist.

Howard Varney is a senior program adviser with International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ). The ICTJ receives financial support from the Foundation to Promote Open Society, Open Society Institute Budapest Foundation, and Open Society Initiative for Eastern Africa. All three of these organisations are part of the Open Society Foundation, so again we have an OSF connection to a GFSA beneficiary. Mr. Varney wrote an extensive paper for the Open Society Georgia Foundation on behalf of the ICTJ, which was published in February 2017. It is unclear how much he donated to GFSA during 2014 and 2015. But he is clearly no stranger to the OSF and its beneficiaries.

Large donations they received during 2014 and 2015, GFSA’s income stream isn’t that impressive when compared with other OSF-affiliated recipients:

  • The ISS is a billion Rand corporation, with income received in 2014 and 2015 being R145 941 942 and R127 177 552 respectively.
  • Likewise, Sonke Gender Justice managed to raise over R150 000 000 in donations during 2014/2015.

Over the last few years Soros donated $18 billion to his Open Society Foundation

In November 2015 the Russian Federation added two OSF groups to a list of “undesirable foreign organisations”, effectively banning them. The reason for the ban? The Russians considered the OSF organisations as “a threat to the foundations of Russia’s Constitutional order and national security”. Earlier this year the Hungarian government also initiated a crack-down (but not a ban) on the OSF and other Soros-funded NGOs. Finally, in November 2016 leaked emails connected a Soros-funded charity in Malaysia with possible election interference.

Researched and written by Gideon Joubert.

Gun Free South Africa – Who are they and what are their aims?




Article and Interview on 13 July 2018 by

Some organizations are fighting back against these unfair and unjust laws. In the past, I have interviewed John Welsh of the South African Gunowners Association (SAGA) about what is going on in South Africa. SAGA similar to our NRA, but that isn’t the only organization fighting back against the tyrannical government.

Gun Owners SA (GOSA) is another organization in South Africa fighting back. Much like how Gun Owners of America is the no-compromise gun lobby in the United States, GOSA is the no-compromise gun lobby in South Africa.

Both groups are fighting back against George Soros funded anti-gun groups. I was surprised to find Soros was pushing anti-gun legislation in South Africa, but he is known to push his leftist agenda in countries around the world.

I have written about South Africa in the past, and its Draconian gun laws. To own a gun in South Africa, you need to have a license. Under the old law, the firearms license never expired. Under the new Firearms Control Act that all changed.

The gun owner must renew his firearms license every five years. If a gun owner does not renew his/her license with an at least 90 days of the expiration date, the license becomes forfeited. The previously legal guns that the gun owner has in their possession have to be turned in to the nearest police station for destruction. There is no grandfather clause.

Gun groups appealed this law to the South African Constitutional Court, which is equivalent to the US Supreme Court. The Court ruled that gun ownership is not a right. According to the court, gun ownership is a privilege which can be regulated by the state in any way it sees fit.

That ruling means that over 400,000-gun owners in South Africa are now in possession of illegal firearms. Many in South Africa and also around the world see this as a step that the South African government is using to clear the way to become a totalitarian government.

The South African government is known for being corrupt. Their police force is known for being corrupt. Gun owners in South Africa do not feel that they can trust the government, and honestly, they are probably right. Corruption runs through the veins of the South African government. Would you trust the government in that situation?

Not only is the government becoming more totalitarian on guns, but it is also seizing farmland from white farmers without compensation. Could the disarming of the populace be just one more step in controlling the people?

Interview with Paul Oxley, who is the Chairman of GOSA. Paul was a founder of SAGA in the 1980’s. He has a lifetime experience of fighting for gun rights in South Africa, and this is what he has to say.

John: What is Gunowners SA?

Paul: Gunowners SA (GOSA) is a non-profit membership-driven organization of some 42 000 concerned South African gun owners (with a sprinkling of international friends). Our stated objective can be summarized as: To strive for a sane licensing regime.


John: As I have written about in the past, gun rights are under attack in South Africa where it is considered a privilege and not a right. There seems to be a lot of people that think the government is trying to disarm the people to impose even more draconian laws. Do you buy into that, or is this just about guns


Paul: There is no doubt that the South African government drank [the anti-gun] Kool-Aid years ago (way back in the 1980s… well before the current government). The ‘new’ South African government is merely the inheritor of the legacy of over-regulation and discrimination against law-abiding citizens. It seems that totalitarian governments move in lock-step, one with the other.

In the early days of the change of government in South Africa, the now-ruling ANC stated that once they came to power there would be no firearms in private hands in South Africa. Their plans haven’t worked out too well for them.

The facts are that there are now more private firearm owners owning more firearms than ever before in South Africa’s history.

Does this scare the government? I’m sure it does.

John: The South African Constitutional Court ruled that gun ownership was not a fundamental right under SA’s Bill of Rights‚ but a privilege regulated by the act. Was this ruling a surprise?

Paul: This has long been the opinion of the South African government… from way back in the early days of the Union of South Africa. Her Majesty did not approve of Her subjects being armed… I believe you lot have some experience of that?

In any case, we DO HAVE a right to life (with the inherent right to defend that life with the most effective means possible), from that we happily infer a right to possess whichever are the most effective means.

John: The old firearms license was supposed never to expire. The court ruling changed that by basically nullify the old license. The new license only lasts five years and has to be renewed 90 days before it expires or it is forfeited. What was the reason given for changing the law?

Paul: The firearm licenses granted under the Arms and Ammunition Act were lifetime licenses. In 2004 the government, at the urging of the George Soros-sponsored GunFree SA and in the image of the Canadian Long-gun Registry [which has failed miserably] set about crafting their idea of the People’s Utopia where only the people they liked should have guns. The official party line was that the old Act wasn’t tight enough, and so they replaced it with an Act which is poorly thought-out and impossible to implement… and at a HUGE cost to the tax-payer.



Dis duidelik met verskeie navorsing en verskillende webtuistes, het George Soros verskeie organisasies en seekatarms, wat regerings en etniese volke vernietig en totaal en al ekonomies ontmagtig en in armoede laat.   Skrikwekkend hoe hy sy magte gebruik, saam al die ander agente, veral die liberales en klassieke liberales – word heelwat finansiering inpomp in Suid-Afrika maar aan die elites, nie aan die armes nie.   Die armes is niks werd vir die elites nie.

Soos reeds bekend, het SOROS met Idasa begin – (van Zyl Slabbert), voortgegaan met Kodesa, die liberaal kommunistiese grondwet saam de klerk, die broederbond, die parlement en wetgewing befonds en doen dit steeds.   

Verskeie webtuistes is duidelik hoe die persoon, organisasies en alles en veral onkundiges “gebruik” om beheer, kontrole uit te oefen en te manipuleer.   Die massas.

Reeds van voor 1994 is en was hy by die ou regime betrokke – Black sash het toe al protesaksies laat plaasvind.    Monsanto lui seker klokkies, waar gifstowwe aangewend word om ons almal siek te maak, kankers te kry sodat daar van mediese fondse “geoes” word in bankrekenings in.  Nes  versekering in misdaad.   Alles het 15% VAT op.

Die Black Sash is op die been gebring deur Helen Zille en haar ma, nadat hulle na Suid-Afrika emigreer het.

Soros is en was nog nooit alleen nie.    Die Broederbonders was ook die eerste wat in 1982 met die ANC kommuniste begin onderhandel het vir oorgawe.  Daarna het Dakar gevolg waar Soros ook betrokke was.   Hy het baie Suid-Afrikaners, o.a. blankes , wat vir hom en sy organisasies werk.    Hy is oral in Afrika, EU en op elke kontinent.

” ‘Open Society Foundation South Africa’ (OSFSA): (OSISA) – ‘Cato Institute’ – ‘Monsanto’ ” is alles deel van sy wurgspul hoe hy al ons volkies uitwis onder die vaandel van “VALS VLAG DEMOKRASIE”.

Verder is daar die Britse “eiland” se mense wat na die ABO steeds hoog betrokke is en reels en regulasies uitvaardig onder die CPA naam van die “statebond”.      Dis hoe ons beheer word, en al die Britse statebondslande (ou kolonies) word so beheer.   Hulle het hul eie CPA gestig en wie volg hul voorbeeld – Grondeise, wat onder CPA wetgewing val, is slgs vir swart en bruin, het almal eie “CPA” s geword wat slegs vir sekere bevolkings groepe is, nes die Ingonyama Trust steeds voortbou op die ou “tuisland” , net onder ‘n ander naam en wetgewing.   Daar is vandag (2018) 8840 “tradisionele leiers” en elkeen “beheer” grond of soos bepaal deur CPA’s.

Die “leiers” wat aangestel is sedert 1994, is heel hulpvaardig om soos in ABO af te brand tot op die grond en verder is dit korrupsie op korrupsie sonder vervolging, want hul stel hul eie regsbankregters aan.

Maklik om die massas te mislei en selfs te manipuleer – veral met verkiesings lyk dit na weghol oorwinnings, maar oral is daar vingers in die koekieblikkies wat geld inbring.  Hoekom sal ‘n statebond of/ en selfs hul leiers werk as ander “slawe”  die werk doen en inkomste inbring?

Hoeveel misdaad word waarlik opgelos, ondersoek, hofsake.   Die getalle wat aan ons genoem word wat vermoor word, is oor die 500000, maar min daarvan is ondersoek, moordenaars gevang of vervolg…. en waar is die hofsake daarvan asook families wat treur?


“Amnesty 2019/20” – ontwapening

Deep state – George Soros – dr Evil


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