” Late night metro police”

The lady who was assaulted and man handled by police..   The reason kymie didn’t and rightfully didn’t stop in the middle of nowhere is because a similar incident happened to her beginning of the year and this time it was hijackers in uniform.. She was even told then by police if you not sure drive slowly with hazards on to the nearest police station or service station..  Which she did..   But 4 officers on a power trip decided to man handle this woman..  Criminals are let free but innocent people brutalized.



The investigation into an altercation between Tshwane metro police officers and a woman believed to be a Centurion resident is at an “advanced stage,” Rekord Centurion reports.    This according to metro police spokesperson Senior Superintendent Isaac Mahamba.   In the video footage which surfaced on social media on Thursday night, metro officers can be seen pulling and pushing the woman around.    The incident allegedly took place in Lyttelton.

Mahamba confirmed the officers in the video were, in fact, metro officers.    “We are aware of the video and the incident that happened on the mentioned date and times,” he said.   “At this stage, an internal investigation is continuing and we have since obtained statements from the affected officers.”   Mahamba said the TMPD would only be able to comment further after the chief of police had studied the docket.   Social media posts claim the woman had been driving alone in the dark and was afraid to pull over.   She allegedly proceeded to a filling station where the altercation took place.    In a country we’re criminals also wear police uniforms and drive police cars… She did nothing wrong


Op watter stadium tydens hierdie brutale vergrype is die persoon se regte aan haar voorgelees, of waarvoor sy in hegtenis geneem word?   Onlangs het sy ook te doen gehad met “VALS” polisie wat haar gestop het.

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This is Kymie Du Toit, the lady that was assaulted by the police. Hope she finds justice. She was hurt badly during the incident. Read further below.

The Pretoria nursery school teacher who was allegedly assaulted and thrown to the ground by Tshwane Metro Police Department (TMPD) officers didn’t pull over immediately because she was still traumatised after having been duped into a fake roadblock by gangsters in February.

Following the harrowing ordeal, 28-year-old Kymie du Toit was advised by police to drive to a safe place in future should she be approached by what appeared to be police.

When she was approached by a TMPD police vehicle in a dark area on her way home after a babysitting job on November 26, that’s exactly what she did. She turned on her hazards and drove to the safest place she could think of – the nearest petrol station.
Here she was instead allegedly assaulted and manhandled by police officers, before being arrested on a charge of reckless and negligent driving.

In a CCTV video that has since gone viral, Du Toit exits her white VW Polo at around 23:25 as the metro officers approach her vehicle. She is then pulled toward a TMPD kombi by three male and one female officers. The seemingly distressed Du Toit resists and appears to be calling for help.

A man wearing a yellow T-shirt and baseball cap attempts to intervene, but is kept at a distance by one of the officers.

Du Toit is then thrown to the ground by one of the officers, handcuffed and loaded into the police vehicle.

Still traumatised after fake roadblock…


According to Du Toit’s mother, Naomie, her daughter was still traumatised after being held up by four men who pulled her over in what appeared to be a roadblock when she was on her way to Lanseria Airport earlier this year.

“She was dropping off friends of ours at the airport. On the way back, she went through a legitimate roadblock, and some distance further there was what appeared to be a second roadblock. Four men posing as police officers then sexually harassed her, touched her, played with her hair… Eventually they let her go. She laid a charge in Krugersdorp and identikits of the men were put together. She was given counselling but nothing came of the case.”
According to Naomie, her daughter was instructed not to stop in future if she felt unsafe, but instead to drive to a place where she felt more secure.

On Tuesday last week, on her way home, the TMPD vehicle allegedly tried to block her vehicle and push it off the road in an area that wasn’t well lit. She then panicked and drove to the garage in Elardus Park, close to where she lives with her mother.

Following the incident caught on video, police brought Du Toit’s car to her mother’s house, where she was informed of her daughter’s arrest.

“They told me they were taking her to Lyttleton police station. When my son, who is a doctor, and I arrived at the station about 10 to 15 minutes later, no one knew where she was. The police drove around with her for about another hour before they brought her there.”

According to Naomie, once her daughter arrived with the officers, she and other family members were told to leave. Du Toit was then taken to the Sunnyside police station for processing, without the family’s knowledge.

“We sat there outside the station like idiots and they managed to slip her past us. Once processed, they brought her back and I paid R1 000 bail to have her released. On Thursday [November 28], she appeared in court, where the case was struck from the roll.”

Naomie said that, once Kymie was released on bail around 04:00 on November 27, she was taken to the Pretoria East Hospital where she was examined by a doctor. “She got hurt pretty badly.”

Kymie will be examined again on Friday and she is receiving trauma counselling.

“Some of the bruising has only started to show recently. We don’t know what steps we’re going to take next. At this point, I just want to ensure my child is healthy,” Naomie said.

The family has opened a case of assault against the TMPD officers.


Kymie du Toit se vorige ondervinding op 22 Februarie 2019

Maandag is ‘n dag wat ek nooit weer wil beleef en vir geen man en veral ‘n vrou toewens om met hulle te gebeur nie.

Ek het my vriendin en haar ma vroeg op Lanseria gaan aflaai vir hul vlug terug Kaap toe. Hulle het vir ons kom kuier die naweek.

Ekt op die snelweg geklim terug van Lanseria af na Pretoria. Daar was ‘n roadblock met baie polisie. Ek was maar tog bly dat ek nie gestop was by die roadblock nie soos enige mens maar altyd is…3km daarna verander alles.

‘n wit Toyota Corolla kar stop my. Die kar het twee polisie wapens op gehad. Die 4 mans was almal aangetrek as polisie manne. Hulle het blou uniforms aangehad maar sonder naam plaatjies en die goed op hul skouers. Hulle het ook nie polisie boots aangehad nie. Al 4 mans het gewere by hulle gehad wat hulle sommer net so “casually” in hul broeke ingedruk het.

Die 4 mans het dadelik my kar toegestaan. Die 1 man was baie groot. Hy was aggresief en het vir die ander 3 gesê wat hy wil hê en hoe hy dit wil hê. Die ander een was bietjie kleiner. Hy het baie slegte tande gehad en ‘n groot silwer ketting om sy nek. Die 3de man kon ek nie veel van onthou nie, net dat hy ‘n geweer en ‘n mes by hom gehad het. Die 4de man was baie jonk, ek skat so 16/17.

Net voor ek gestop het, het ek niks snaaks gedink van hulle of besef hulle is nie regte polisie nie. Ekt op die oomblik gedink dat hulle deel was van die roadblock.

Toe ek stop het ek my lesensie vir hulle gegee. Hulle het dit een kyk gegee en vir my terug gegooi. Hulle het dadelik vir my gese dat hulle geld soek. Ekt gevra hoekom? Hulle het kwaad geraak en gese ek moet net doen wat hulle sê.

Die een man het toe in my kar geklim en my radio afgesit, my selfoon gevat en my kar sleutels in sy broek se sak gesit. Ek kon toe niks doen nie.

Ekt gesmeek dat hulle my los en my nie seer maak nie. Die een man ruk my toe uit die kar. Hy sê toe vir my as ek nie geld vir hulle het nie dan gaan ek saam hulle gaan. Ekt gehuil en net gesê asseblief ek het nie geld nie. Die eerste twee mans het my begin rond stamp en rond ruk en teen my kar gegooi. Hulle het hul gewere teen my gedruk en my vas gedruk.
Die hoof man het heeltyd met my hare gespeel en aan my nek gevat .Ekt hardop begin huil en begin ruk. Ekt gedink dit is die einde. Die 2de man het gevolg wat die hoof man doen. Terwyl hierdie gebeur het, het die mans vir die 16/17 jarige gesê hy moet loop terwyl hulle my rond stamp en aan my vat. Daar het duisende mense verby gery, my in die oë gekyk en gesien ek kort hulp maar niemand het gestop om my te help nie.

Na so 30min wat dit so aangaan het,het hulle toe besluit hulle moet seker nou iets met my doen. Hulle sluit my toe in die kar. Ek kon sien hulle baklei tussen mekaar oor wat hulle met my wil doen. Hulle het hulle kar paar keer nader aan my getrek en dan weer weg van my af beweeg. Hulle 4 kon nie saam ‘n besluit neem nie.

Na so 45min kom die 17jarige man na my toe. Ek vries en dink dat hulle my nou gaan vat. Hy gee my foon en sleutels vir my terug en sê “Go, Just Go”

Ekt weggery. Hulle het my agtervolg tot by die Centurion afrit waar hulle afgedraai het.
Ek was gelukkig en bly dit was nie erger nie.

Moet asseblief vir geen polisie stop indien jy nie 100% seker is dat dit polisie is nie. Indien jy nogsteeds nie wil stop nie, laat hulle jou maar agtervolg tot by die naaste vulstasie waar daar kameras en ander mense is.

As polisie iets by jou vat soos jou sleutels dan moet jy ook weet iets is nie reg nie.

Hulle moet teen alle tye hul volle uniform aanhê. As hulle kar of uniform vir jou vreemd lyk, dan is die kanse goed dat dit nie regtig is nie.

As jy vrou alleen ry, ry altyd in die middelste baan of in die vinnigste baan. Probeer nie met kontant by jou ry nie. Ek glo as ek kontant by my gehad het, sou hulle net meer by my wou hê.

Wees asseblief versigtig en kyk mooi voor julle stop. Mens lees en hoor altyd hierdie goed maar besef nie werklik hoe erg dit is tot dit nie self met jou gebeur nie.
Ek weet daar is mense wat al in baie erger situasies was, maar ek hoop dit kan dalk net iemand help.

Een gedagte oor “” Late night metro police””

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