Gupta – Zuma – Duduzane


Duduzane Zuma intends to sue the state for R1.5m for unlawful arrest in his corruption case as well as the police for unlawful arrest and detention.   He will also sue the National Prosecution Authority (NPA) for malicious prosecution.

Image result for Duduzane Zuma at the state capture inquiry in Parktown

The corruption charges were provisionally withdrawn in the specialised commercial crimes court in January with the NPA citing that they want to allow a key witness, Jonas, to finish giving testimony at the commission.   Zuma’s lawyer Rudi Krause  told Sowetan they sent the police and the office of the national director of public prosecutions letters of intent to sue on July 23 in relation to the corruption case.

Sowetan has seen a letter from the police, signed by a Lt-Col E Els in the office of the national police commissioner, dated August 14 which acknowledges receipt of the letter from Zuma’s lawyer. NPA could not confirm receipt of such a notice.     Krause said they were perplexed by how the police would arrest Zuma when Jonas, on whose evidence the arrest was made, had not made any statement to the police and would most likely be cross-examined.

In re-examination by his lawyer Piet Louw SC, at the Zondo commission of inquiry into state capture, Zuma said he was angered by his arrest at the OR Tambo International Airport in July last year after he returned to SA for his younger brother’s funeral.


Duduzane Zuma said on 7 October, there is no conflict of interest in his company holding a stake in a Gupta-linked company that received substantial government advertising – while his dad was head of state.     Zuma was answering questions relating to prior evidence by former ANN7 editor Rajesh Sundaram.    The Gupta-run ANN7 television station was owned by Infinity Media. Zuma’s company, Mabengela Investments, owned a sizeable shareholding in Infinity Media.

Sundaram told the commission that former president Jacob Zuma was a key player in deciding how the station should be run: from suggesting its name and approving its logo to dictating its editorial policy, which was framed to paint him and his political allies in a positive light.

“The simple fact is government advertising should never be an issue. The conflict, that because my father was the president, I think that’s an unfair point to make by Sundaram or anybody else. When it comes to government ad spend, just like any other outlets out there, they are getting government support via advertising revenue,” said Duduzane.


Duduzane Zuma took to the stand at the Zondo commission on Monday October 7 2019. Zuma testified to his version of numerous events, including the infamous Oakbay meeting and his part in television station ANN7.


Duduzane Zuma wrapped up his testimony at the Zondo Commission Tuesday. The Gupta business associate told the inquiry that he’s not corrupt and has never received money from anyone. He’s been linked to several attempts to influence state decisions during his father’s presidency between 2009 and 2018.



What is “conflict of interest” and “code of conduct”? What is the South African policy and parliament “so-called democracy” regarding members of parliament, families of the members of parliament and businesses and other related matters, involvement in tenders, “bribes” and “capture”. What does the Code of Conduct stipulates to the members of parliament and their partners/families on “conflict of interest”. It is also application to all levels of government ans SOE’s.

South African Parliament – “Conflict of interest”

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