Aasvoël kop – Zastron in Freestate – Vulture Hill


Zastron, the little hamlet at the foot of Aasvoëlberg (Vulture Hill) among the grassy hills of the eastern Free State, was once the home of the rock-hopping San Bushmen. There are excellently preserved rock art sites to visit around the area.    The scenic Maluti Mountains of Lesotho can be seen in the distance, but it’s more likely you’ll be focused on the remarkable rock formation known as the Eye of Zastron, which overlooks the town.
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The “eye” is natural, nine meter diameter hole in a huge freestanding sandstone rock formation on the slopes of the Aasvoëlberg. Myths and legends abound as to what formed the opening – whatever your theory, the Eye is worth a look-see.  An adventure facility has opened close to the Aasvoëlberg offering rock climbing, abseiling and hiking.

The rocky scenery at the “MountainView Campsite” in Zastron


“The eye in the mountain””

Enjoy the following video material of a “legend” of Aasvoël kop (spitzkoppe)

South Africa’s Free State is an ancient land, one steeped in archeological and palaeontological treasures.

Stone Age artefacts, implements and fossils have been found in many areas and its rich cultural tapestry is enhanced by fascinating folklore, myths & legends. Meet the legendary Renier de Winaar who encounters the Devil on the slopes of the Aasvoelberg and creates the famous Eye of Zastron. Journey down the Orange River in search of the fabled water spirit and make contact with the spirit of the great philosopher and writer Sir Laurens van der Post.


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Also in Zastron – various provinces
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