“Church” killings Krugersdorp

#KrugersdorpMurders – AN OPINION – “shoot to kill” “use any word: “to kill”
“She or is it  he or a wolf or 100 other personalities” “Killed in the name of their gods but say this in the name of God”.   Really – under oath?

The Steyns from left are Marinda, Cecilia, Marcel and Leroux with Zak Valentine in court.

So the Satanist or the 100 personalities swears to the judge”

So help me God “

During the ongoing trial, Cecilia Steyn revealed that she has a tattoo of the South African Communist Party (SACP) badge. Explaining her political affiliations to the court, Steyn said:

“I have an SACP badge … I was a member of the SACP and the ANC Women’s League.”


Steyn has vehemently denied being a Satanist. Despite witness statements which point to Steyn believing she was the ‘Bride of Satan’ and a 42nd-generation witch, the accused has claimed to be a steadfast Christian.

Strangely, the OTC group’s religious mission was to convert Satanists to Christianity.

Krugersdorp Killers: Six of the strangest things we learnt about Cecilia Steyn


And, this was ongoing for years, so many “whites” were killed in their own “circle of blood” (under the fake name of their gods) to feed their own needs and desires (different personalities – keep reading and watching “their” faces on the videos).

Steyn (at some stage, a she and then a he or a dog or wolf), the main person, has admitted “she” had multiple personalities (he’s or she’s)  in the first place (she or he or the wolf is brainwashed – from where – keep reading and you will find it).

During court proceedings, Steyn confirmed that she had consulted a psychologist to deal with her so-called mental disorder.   Keep looking at her eyes and her “accent” when “they” speak, as he, she or whatever the others are – a strange accent and attitude.

While court testimony previously revealed that Steyn had so-called extreme supernatural power – is that facts or something else – including the ability to transform into a baby or a wolf.    The accused killer said she could only talk about two of her alternate personalities.  (or perhaps brainwashing and mind control to kill)


2018 – Two members of the infamous “Krugersdorp Killers” group were convicted for their gruesome crimes after they embarked on a four-year murder spree.

During court proceedings, many referred to Marinda’s uncanny resemblance to Daisy de Melker, the first woman to be hanged in South Africa for murdering her two husbands and her son.   She received a 390-year sentence after signing a plea bargain with the State. Marinda will serve her time in the Johannesburg South Prison and will most likely never see her children again. She was convicted of 11 murders (25 years for each) and 115 years for all other crimes she committed which included fraud, racketeering and managing an enterprise, illegal possession of ammunition and firearms, defeating the ends of justice, robbery, and accessory after the fact of murder.

Leroux Steyn was convicted of seven murders, but will serve only 35 years with 10 of them suspended, as he signed a plea bargain with the State.   He was convicted of seven murders for which he would have received seven life sentences (175 years), burglary with aggravating circumstances (75 years), illegal possession of a firearm (eight years), illegal possession of ammunition (three years), racketeering (three years), conspiracy to murder (15 years), fraud (15 years), credit card fraud (three years), and defeating the ends of justice (one year).

Marcel Steyn was only 14 years old when the first murder was committed.

There was no conclusive evidence that she had ever killed any one of the victims, however, it is speculated that she accompanied her mother, Marinda, on her murder spree.   She matriculated from Hoërskool Monument and achieved six distinctions. By the time she graduated high school, the group had already allegedly committed the 11 murders. If she signs a plea bargain with the State, she will receive more or less the same sentence as her brother, Leroux, because she was still a minor when many of these crimes were committed.

The remaining three accused: Marcel Steyn, Cecilia Steyn and Zak Valentine, still have time to sign plea bargains with the State before their trial starts on 8 October.



The numbers are shocking. A mother (Marinda Steyn), her two children (Le Roux and Marcel Steyn) and two associates are said to have committed 11 murders between 2012 – 2016. Marinda, seen as the mastermind of the abhorrent scheme, has been sentenced to 11 life sentences, putting her in jail for 115 years in total.

Le Roux Steyn received a 25-year jail term after entering into a plea agreement with the state. His younger sister Marcel as well as the unrelated Cecilia Steyn and Zak Valentine will have their fate decided in October.   John Barnard, 42, is already serving time in prison for his role in the murders.

** ** ** **

July 2012 – Natacha Burger and Joyce Bonzaaier were both long-term neighbours and members of the Overcomers Through Christ group. They were brutally stabbed to death in a twisted revenge plot concocted by Cecilia Steyn, who had fallen out with the OTC leader.
August 2012 – A former pastor of Overcomers Through Christ, 75-year-old Reginald Bendixen, was hacked to death with an axe at his home in Honeydew.
October 2012 – Zak, Marinda and Marcel carried out the murder of Zak Valetine’s wife, Mikeila, when it became apparent she could not support the killing spree. The 25-year-old spouse was reported to have been involved in their first murder.   Mikeila met a particularly gruesome end. As TimesLive reported, police said that her “blood and intestines were splattered on the ceiling”
November 2015 – After a three-year hiatus, the Krugersdorp Killers returned with a vengeance. Another associate John Barnard convinced the murderers than Joan and Peter Meyer had “millions of rand” stashed away at home.  They raided the printing business owners, only to find no cash was in the safe. This tipped Zak Valentine over the edge. He proceeded to stab the couple to death in their own living room.
December 2015 – A 44-year-old street vendor is found dead in a car crash. It transpired that John Barnard orchestrated the killing, in a bizarre plot to pass him off as Zak Valentine and claim the life insurance money.
January 2016 – Accountant Glen McGregor is shot in the stomach as the group force him to transfer money into Marinda Steyn’s bank account.
May 2016 – A trail of bodies are discovered across Gauteng. Insurance brokers Anthony Schofield and Kevin McAlpine were both conned into offering their services to the Steyns, who held the men at gunpoint, acquired their card numbers, and left them strangled to death and abandoned in two car boots.  This is the same month that 52-year-old estate agent Hanle Lategan’s body is found next to a stream in Randfontein. She would be the group’s eleventh and final victim, as Le Roux and Marcel Steyn were arrested a month later.


The alleged 'Krugersdorp killers' Marcel Steyn, Cecilia Steyn (centre) and Zak Valentine in the South Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg in May 2018.

“I was present when my mother (Marinda Steyn) was building the bombs. It took place at my mother’s flat,” she said.    Marcel – along with Cecilia Steyn, 37, and Zak Valentine, 33 – have pleaded not guilty to 32 counts, including murder, robbery with aggravating circumstances, fraud and intimidation. Her brother Le Roux Steyn entered into a plea bargain with the state in 2018.

They were all part of Electus Per Deus – a group that viewed themselves as “chosen by God” – which allegedly killed 11 people between 2012 and 2016.   The first people allegedly murdered by the group were Natacha Burger, 33, and Joy Boonzaier, 63.

Marcel said all the murders were planned and everything they did had been thoroughly thought out. “We had planned everything. We didn’t improvise. We planned beforehand,” she said.   She said none of the murders took place “on the fly”.

“Cecilia gave a lot of input on who should be murdered and how. We had to run everything by her and she had to approve it.”

Marcel Steyn revealed gruesome details during her testimony in the Johannesburg high court on Monday May 13.

Marcel Steyn, the youngest of the “Krugersdorp killers” on trial for an alleged murder spree spanning four years, broke down in the South Gauteng High Court while describing her mother beating a person she knew on the head with a hammer.  Steyn, dressed in a black suit and shirt, took deep breaths as she walked towards the witness box on Monday and gave evidence about the death of travel agent Mikeila Valentine.

Steyn – along with Cecilia Steyn, 37, and Zak Valentine, 33 – have pleaded not guilty to 32 counts, including murder, robbery with aggravating circumstances, fraud and intimidation.   Her brother Le Roux Steyn entered into a plea bargain with the state in 2018.   Her mother, Marinda Steyn, 51, has already been sentenced to 11 life terms for the killing spree.

They were all part of Electus Per Deus – a group that viewed themselves as “chosen by God” – which allegedly killed 11 people between 2012 and 2016.   Marcel told the court on Monday that they were instructed by Cecilia to murder Zak’s wife Mikeila because she was a “loose string”.   Marcel said Cecilia had arranged with Zak to give Mikeila medication the night before. She said when they arrived at the house, they found Mikeila sleeping in bed.   She said she watched as her mother went in and started hitting Mikeila in the head with a hammer.    “My mother put the hammer down and started stabbing her. I stood there and I just froze. I just kept on thinking and felt that this was Mikeila,” Steyn said while wiping her tears.   “I stood there and I was looking at my mother stabbing her.”   She said she later took a knife and stabbed Mikeila in her side.

While Marcel testified, Zak sat unfazed in the dock next to Cecilia, who had her head hung low.    Marcel said she regarded Mikeila as an older sister, adding that she had taught her how to bake. “I decided I will speak the truth and not lie. Before, I used to say I wasn’t involved in any of these matters. But I want to disclose my involvement in these matters completely,” she told the court.   “I couldn’t handle the lies anymore. Cecilia was not the person she portrayed herself to be. I don’t want to be living a lie.”

Marcel told the court that she was scared because she did not know how Cecilia would react. She said when she was 13, Cecilia told her that she had “demons” that caused her to not show emotion or empathy towards others. She wanted to see a psychologist but someone told her mother that Cecilia could help her.    “I didn’t feel any different, because I felt like a normal human being. At the same time, she had the same demons and I felt that we had something in common, because she favoured my brother.”

The first people the group murdered were Natacha Burger, 33, and Joy Boonzaier, 63. Marcel said they were murdered by Zak and his wife Mikeila. “Mikeila couldn’t get herself to kill Joy. After Zak killed Natacha, he went into the room and killed Joy,” she said.   Marcel told the court that Cecilia also wanted pastor Reginald Bendixen dead. She said she accompanied her mother and Zak to kill Bendixen. They wore fake police uniforms and wigs.   “When they went into the house and I followed them, I heard an exclamation. I think that is when Zak hit him with an axe,” she said.   Bendixen was on the ground while her mother was stabbing him. Marcel said she froze when she saw what was happening.   Later, on the way to Cecilia’s flat after the murder, she said they stopped and threw the knife and axe into a drain.    She said when they murdered Peter Meyer and his wife Joan, Peter called out Psalm 23 while he was being stabbed by Zak. Following the murder, Marcel said she felt that everything had “spiralled” out of control and the victims did not deserve to be murdered.



20 November 2018 – According to Candice Rajivec, a friend of Cecilia’s who testified, Cecilia told her that her birth was foretold and that she had to grow up in the occult in order to one day be able to open the gates to hell on earth.   Cecilia said her whole family was part of the occult and she was abused not only as a child, but even when she was already married her father would “astral-project” to rape her by using her husband. At times he would send demons to rape her.   Rajivec said one of Cecilia’s powers was astral projection and that she had even been to the moon.

The accused in the Krugersdorp murders case, Cecilia Steyn, Marcel Steyn and Zac Valentine.

According to Ravijec, Cecilia suffered from dissociative identity disorder and had more than 100 different personalities.

In a letter Rajivec read out in court, the writer, named “Elise”, who was allegedly Cecilia’s mother, said that “Anja”, a three-year-old girl who was one of Cecilia’s personalities, should be taken care of.

“She is very loyal and becomes weak quickly,” the letter read. It urged the reader to feed “Anja” regularly and to look after her.    The letter warns the reader against “Akeshia”, the personality who, according to Rajivec, was second-in-command, whereas “Anja” was the purest form of Cecilia.

Rajivec said further that Cecilia had told her that she was a 42nd-generation witch and the strongest witch of them all. As the bride of Satan, Cecilia claimed she had met him and she had to endure rituals in order for them to become one.

She told Rajivec that her “daughter” (possibly “Anja”) was a 43rd-generation witch and werewolf and that she sometimes made her walk on all fours to practise.

Lying was easier than breathing for Cecilia, said Rajivec, who was Cecilia’s best friend for over four years.   She said that Cecilia could do things to a person without them even knowing about it. She could apparently turn into a werewolf herself and hold her breath underwater for more than an hour. She could even walk on water.

She told Rajivec that she was dying and would faint and throw up blood at times.   It emerged that Cecilia would drive away from her house, cut the fingertips off a rubber glove and fill them with her own blood. She would then keep these blood bubbles in her mouth until she had one of her ‘fits’, when she would bite them and pretend to throw up blood. This was apparently to show that her organs were giving in.

Rajivec said that during their four-year friendship, the amount of money she would give Cecilia for her health problems would grow from R100 in the beginning to R100,000 a month in the end.   Marinda Steyn, who is already serving her sentence, left everything she had to Cecilia just before she was arrested.

Jan van Aardt, the principal of Hoërskool Jan de Klerk in Krugersdorp, where Marinda was employed and in whose classroom ammunition was found, testified and said that he signed the hand-written last will and testament as a witness. In the document, Marinda stipulated that Cecilia could use her estate as she wished and it was hers alone.   Van Aardt said Marinda was an excellent teacher and he could not believe it when he heard about what she and the members of the group had done.



When hairstylist Sanmarie Volbrecht was introduced to Cecilia Steyn‚ one of the three people now implicated in a series of killings that occurred in the Krugersdorp area‚ she was told that Cecilia was a reformed satanist‚ the High Court in Johannesburg heard.

Taking to the stand on Wednesday afternoon‚ Volbrecht said she had attended a course titled “Know your enemy” when she was casually introduced to Cecilia.

“I was told she was part of a satanic church and that she wanted to break free and serve Jesus Christ‚” Volbrecht told the court.

Cecilia’s lawyer‚ however‚ told the court that his client intended to dispute this version‚ saying she has never been part of a satanic church.

Volbrecht had been invited to the classes by one of her clients and had decided to join her on her weekly bible courses.

When attending a midweek meeting at the house of Annamarie Scholtz‚ one of the congregants‚ she was called outside to switch off the lights of her car‚ which usually turned themselves off.

As she and Scholtz walked to her vehicle‚ they were met by a strong smell of petrol around the vehicles‚ which were parked in the yard.

“We went to check‚ smelt petrol and walked around the garden to see where the smell came from‚” Volbrecht told the court.

The two prayed and Scholtz returned inside the house to find a flashlight‚ leaving Volbrecht alone.

“I heard something in the garden and saw three people jump over the wall. They were about my height … They were adults‚” Volbrecht said.

“They were dressed in all black‚ with hoodies and gloves. I screamed and yelled and the rest of the people in the house came out‚” Volbrecht said‚ adding that she did not see their faces.

She and other congregants searched the yard and found sticks and containers of petrol around the yard. Scholtz had on Wednesday testified that she and other congregants felt victorious that they had managed to thwart the attackers’ plans. Volbrecht was the first to leave the meeting that day.   “I went to the garage with my mother-in-law to get her car rinsed of petrol because the petrol had also been thrown inside the car through the window‚” said Volbrecht.

Two weeks after that‚ the first murder [of a congregant] happened‚ so we scattered‚” said Volbrecht.   The member who was killed was 33-year-old Natacha Burger. She and her neighbour Joyce Boonzaaier‚ 68‚ had their throats slit in Centurion. Their bodies were found in Boonzaaier’s home.

Volbrecht said she had known Burger only from the meetings. Following her murder‚ she received threatening messages.   “One of them said: ‘Who will be next‚ the traveler‚ the stylist or cycler‚'” she told the court.   She said she also received an email‚ instructing her that her daughter’s car seat was not safe‚ along with a picture of her daughter in the seat.

“I feared for my own life and my family’s life too‚” she said.   Volbrecht then left the church.   The accused in this matter are Cecilia‚ 37‚ Zac Valentine‚ 33‚ and Marcel Steyn‚ 20.

The accused have pleaded not guilty to 32 counts‚ including murder‚ robbery with aggravating circumstances and fraud. Marcel’s mother – former high school teacher Marinda Steyn‚ a friend of Cecilia’s – was sentenced to 11 life terms for the Krugersdorp murder spree‚ after entering into a plea agreement.   Marinda’s son Le Roux Steyn is serving an effective 25-year prison term and has testified against the three remaining accused in the dock.



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