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Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde (15 Nov 1939 – 8 Feb 2015)
She was lecturing perfectly healthy in November of 2014 and died suddenly of severe cancer all over her body early in 2015.


Sadly I did not know until recently about just how many topics this amazing Light Warrior was informing people about. A friend sent me the link to a short ten minute video where she was discussing chemtrails and electronic warfare. We were both amazed because in the 1980’s when we both studied alternative therapies this lady had become well known for her book translated to Swedish from Finnish called ‘There is no death’. I am in awe at the depth of her knowledge and the video of one hour below entitled

‘Dr. Rauni Leena Luukanen-Kilde on Mind Control’ is really warmly recommended. This was recorded in 2009!! the subject of chemtrails – nano technology used for mind control etc. etc. that Harald Kautz Vella is now bringing to a wider audience was already being spread by this lady in 2009 and earlier. Anyone interested in the subjects already mentioned or in ufology, parapsychology will find her work of interest. Many attempts have been made on her life which you will hear details about in some of these videos. She was earlier a doctor in the Lapp community in the north of Finland – her husband earlier a UN diplomat. She has moved in circles that have given her access to so much inside information.


Yesterday medical Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde died in her homeland Finland by severe cancer all over her body, her Finnish cousin told White TV today. White TVs Dr. Henning Witte talked to Rauni about ten days ago on telephone in Finland, not knowing it was the last time.
She complained about that she suddenly got cancer as a result of beaming technology, mind control scalar waves. Her complications got so severe that she was forced to leave her home in Norway to a hospital in Finland, where her caring cousin is living. She complained over the Norwegian hospital, which wanted to give her morphine against her will. She was allergic against morphine. During the last week it was not possible to talk to Rauni any longer and the doctors indicated death.

Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde was very well-known all over the world for her enlightening on the topics reincarnation, ufos and mind control. She taught that we must not fear death because there is no real death, only that the astral body and the soul leave the human body. She knew because she had out-of-body experiences.
She was a very courageous woman and suffered from many attempts to her life and harassment of all kinds, especially electronic harassment. The dark forces did not like her eye-opening work for humanity.

Barringer at the first world conference on mind control in Brussels 20th November 2014
When Henning Witte met Rauni Kilde personally the last time on the Covert Harassment Conference in Brussels the 20th November 2014 she was very fit and healthy. No sign of illness especially no cancer; take a look to her body language in the video below when she was giving her last speech on chips in mind control.

Rauni and Henning sat together with (ti) Magnus Olsson in the board of EUCACH, the first association for European targeted individuals (ti), victims of electronic harassment, mind control. The dark forces had severely pushed for an other candidate to join the EUCACH board in order to control it, but Rauni Kilde and Henning Witte stand firm. Here could be a reason to murder her to open the way for puppets of the dark side, as they did with all the other mind control groups, especially the German one.

A second reason to kill Rauni Kilde could be her last book. She had complained about problems with her publisher, which caused a severe delay of the book. We can only hope it will be published in a way that Rauni wanted. She was the only author.

The death of Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde is a huge loss for humanity, because no one combined so much knowledge and pedagogical skills as she to explain the most secret topics of the world.
Rauni we miss you terribly! Thank you for all your efforts and gifts to all of us! You really made a difference! See you soon!
Watch at White TV: Dr. Rauni Kilde on chips in Mind Control;
Läkaren Dr. Rauni Kilde förklarar Mind Control;

Tribute to a Lightworker Extraordinaire Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde Expert on Mind control / Chemtrails / Electronic Warfare / Pharmaceutical Warfare etc.

Dis al vir etlike jare aan die gang en word ook in magsposisies gebruik om hul onderdane te manipuleer, soms weet hulle dit nie eers nie.   Klink soos in ‘n fliek – dis die realiteite.


by Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde, MD
Former Chief Medical Officer of Finland
December 6, 2000

[Video clip introduction to Dr. Kilde]


Here some videos with her:

Dr. Rauni Kilde on Mindcontrol


Om Chemtrails och elektronisk krigföring med Dr Rauni-Leena Luukanen. Svensk text.   About Chemtrails and electronic warfare In English with Swedish subtitles


383 – Dr. Rauni Kilde (7 of 13 – there are 12 other parts of this interview ):
Code of silence, national security, chemtrails, Illuminati


Dr. Rauni Leena Luukanen-Kilde on Mind Control


Bases 5 Part 1 Mind Control with Rauni Kilde


Bases 5 Part 2 Mind Control UFOs & Swine Flue


Dr. Rauni Kilde: One of her best videos! The Power of Love.


379 Dr Rauni Kilde (3 of 13) WHO AIDS, Swineflu, depopulation, re incarnation, Illuminati.wmv


Dr. Rauni Kilde (13 of 13): Fear of death, UFOs, ETs and we are all One, Illuminati


Issues of MindControl and Non-Lethal Weapons part 1 – Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen Kilde



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Cybernetics – nerological communication

MIND CONTROL – BRAINWASHING – From coldwar to human and cyberspace-attacks

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