Clive Derby-Lewis (Chris Hani)

Clive Derby-Lewis – The last interview
In a tell-all interview made just weeks before his death and only to be releases after. Derby-Lewis explains his motivations… Clive John Derby-Lewis (22 January 1936 – 3 November 2016) was a South African politician, who was involved first in the National Party and then, while serving as a member of parliament, in the Conservative Party. He served a life sentence for his role in the assassination of South African Communist Party leader Chris Hani. Derby-Lewis was convicted of conspiracy to murder and sentenced to death for his role in the assassination. The sentence was commuted to life imprisonment when capital punishment was outlawed in 1995. Derby-Lewis confessed his role in the assassination in his application to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission for amnesty and testified that the assassination was encouraged or sanctioned by senior leaders of the Conservative Party. He was Medical paroled in 2015 and dies – 3 November 2016 This interview was made weeks before his death.

Clive Derby-Lewis

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His last interview –  Clive Derby-Lewis


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