Roodeport protest about RDP housing

20 September 2019 - According to one of the community leaders on the scene, the main reason for protesting today is the ongoing issue of housing in Roodepoort Central. Wanneer daar verkiesing is,  daar was in 2019 een, word daar maar net eenvoudig weer vir dieselfde politieke party gestem wat nie hul beloftes van huise… Continue reading Roodeport protest about RDP housing

Expropriation in South Africa – Sisulu

Expropriation means to expropriate everything - all properties are included here, to take it, without compensation - that is what government wants to implement - and that is #bolshevism.   Especially, if you are white and you own a property, a business, a company, a tour agency,  engineering, farming,  shares in any company,  vehicles used for… Continue reading Expropriation in South Africa – Sisulu